I Done Been Creatin'
Sunday Stealing: The Imaginary Meme Conclusion

Rockin' Rock Stars Who... Uh... Rock


The girls named themselves that, not me. Because I am way not more clever than that at naming things.


The girls  have been playing together so well lately, and yesterday was no exception. They decided to form a band, just the two of them (Jack didn't care; he was busy either playing with his LEGOS®, or watching YouTube videos about LEGO® creations, or deciding what LEGO® building set he was going to save his money for next...), and they practiced for, gosh, it must have been, oh... five or ten whole minutes before they were callling us all in for their first-ever concert.


They took turns guitaring and drummering, improvised songs that amused us and intrigued us, and generally made it possible for me to play with lots of settings on Picasa.


This is the 'comic book' setting, which I kind of love, because it reminds me of the Archie Comics I used to read often as a kid myself.


Who says you can't cheer for yourself? Not Sophia.


This one is Chloë's favorite picture. It is fun.


Seeing this one, Chloë said, "Wow, it looks like you drew that one!"

To which I naturally replied, "Well thanks, Captain Obvious!"

and she responded, "You're welcome, Lieutenant Sarcasm!"

We do that a lot.


And finally, we have Sophia's favorite. Not just because it features her, but also because of the yellow vignette. She has been saying her favorite colour is yellow for many moons, now, which is a switch from the pink-and-purple obsession both girls had for years.

They're already planning their next concert. No, they haven't practiced yet, and no, I don't have any earplugs. Not that I would do that. At least not in both ears.