Saturday 9: I Saw The Light
Saturday 9: Moves Like Jagger

Sunday Stealing: Too Tired To Think Meme, Part The First


1. You have 10 dollars and need to buy snacks at a gas station. What do you get?

A piece of fruit or two, some peanut butter M&Ms, maybe a cheese stick, and a small bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. Oh, and a Diet Coke. That should cover it.

2. If you were reincarnated as a sea creature, what would you want to be?

A shark, definitely. Either a Wobbegong or a Port Jackson.

3.  Who's your favorite redhead?

That would be my neice, Hanna Leigh! She's got flaming hair, for sure!

4. What do you order at IHOP?

Usually a cheese, egg, and spinach omelet or something similar, of which I eat about 1/8.

5. Last book you read?

All or just part of? If just part, The Bible. If all... probably The Kiterunner, like three years ago! So much to do, so little time for leisure reading... :(

6. Describe your mood.

I'm dealing with a migraine; nonetheless, I just finished a fun knitting project I loved, so I'm a little giddy from finishitis at the moment.

7.  Describe the last time you were injured.

I cut myself shaving. Seriously. Meanwhile, I just showed my almost-11-year-old how to shave her legs, and she did it without a booboo. Go figure.

8. Of all your friends, with whom would you want to be stuck in a well?

Well (heh), since Hubs is my true best friend, I'm counting him in - he's resourceful, somewhat of a survival expert, and well-versed in First Aid. He's the one.

9.  Rock concert or symphony?

Oooh, that's a tough one for me! If it's someone I haven't seen in concert before, than I pick the concert, since I have been to the symphony many times. Now if you'd said the opera...

10.  What is the wallpaper of your cell phone? And your phone number?

Pfft. I'm an airhead, but I'm not that dumb. Although y'all would be welcome to text me, I don't want the trolls I know are out there with my digits. Wallpaper: at the moment, the one the iPhone came with, because I had to reset it recently. I'll have to remedy that; how boring.

11.  Favorite soda?

It's a tie between Diet Coke & Diet Mt. Dew. I switch back and forth regularly.

12. What type of shirt are you wearing?

A tank top that really needs something under it aside from the sports bra I'm wearing, because it droops really low, and I keep having to fix it. It's muy comfy, though.

13.  What if you could only use one form of transportation?

I love to fly, but I would travel by boat/ship. Nothing beats being asea; the ocean is where it's at for me.

14.  Most recent movie seen at the theater?

I saw that Pirates movie, something or other starring Hugh Grant's voice. I took my afore-mentioned daughter to see it as a reward for something I no longer remember...

15.  Name a celeb for whom you've had the hots.

C'mon. You know it's Matt Damon. Damn.

16.  What's your favorite kind of cake?

Cheesecake!  (I'm a New Yawka, what can I say?)

17.  What did you have for dinner last night?

Nothing. I went to bed early, feeling sick and migrainy.

18.  Look to your left. What do you see?

The pattern and finished knitting project I mentioned above. Totes cute!

19.  Do you untie your shoes when you remove them?

I'm all about the Crocs flip-flops right now, so not applicable. I rarely wear shoes that tie, but I tend to think I just kick them off without untying.

20.  Favorite childhood toy?

I had many favorites at different ages, but I loved this dumb little stuffed red-and-white puppy, Snowflake. I wish I knew what happened to him.

21.  Do you buy your own groceries?

Do I look like Jennifer Aniston?

22.  Do you think people talk about you behind your back?

Oh, I know full well they do. And that's not just my paranoia talking. I give 'em plenty to yak about!

23.  When was the last time you had gummy worms?

Probably within the last 2-3 months, having stolen one of my kids'!

24.  What's your favorite fruit?

I like my melons. Ah, what I mean is, um, canteloupe.

25.  Do you have a picture of yourself doing a cartwheel?

No, but I have a picture of myself... ugh. I got nothin' funny. No.

Have a grea week, y'all!