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Sunday Stealing: Surprise July 4th Meme

Umm, Sunday Stealing: The Imaginary Meme, Part 7

Sunday Stealing

So, I went away for the weekend and am just now catching up on these oh-so-important memes. Link up here to participate in this one - and stay tuned for another special-edition Independence Day one!

Sunday Stealing: The Imaginary Meme, Part Seven

121. Have you gone rock climbing? If not, would you?
Not the type you're probably meaning, but sure, I'd do it! Hubs is a big-time outdoorsman, so he could show me the ropes.
122. Do you believe in forever love in a romantic relationship?
Abso-freakin'-lutely! Of course!
123. As a kid did you ever sneak anyone into your house?
Yep. Yep. Yep. Heh heh.
124. Do you personally know anyone homeless?
No... :(
125. Do you believe in aliens?
I believe the possibility exists, and that's all I know about that.
126. Have you ever killed someone?
127. What would it take for you to sell your soul to a devil?
I would never. Never.
128. Top or bottom?
Haha! If you're asking what I think you are, nunya!!!
129. Are you happy with your career?
I'm a stay-at-homeschooling mom, and I love it, but I look forward to furthering my education and embarking on a career in family law one day.
130. What's your favorite store to buy clothes? Why?
Old Navy, I guess, because I can get awesome clothes for a steal when they have their crazy-good sales.
131. What is your eye color?
They used to be "shit brown," as my sister would say, but they're now lighter brown and ringed with green. Maybe they'll eventually be all green, like by the time I'm dead. Don't hold your breath, though.
132. Watching or playing sports?
I'm not remotely athletic, and not terribly interested in most 'traditional' team sports, but I'll watch my 'Canes football and the Olympics six ways to Sunday!
133. Would you have plastic surgery?
Yes, and I plan to - but not on my face. Never, if I can help it!
134. Name one website that you visit daily. Why do you read it?
Aside from Yahoo! mail, I guess Facebook. Gotta keep up with my buds, y'know?
135. Are you going on vacation this year? If so, where?
I just got back from a working vacay to Western New York. It was fun and a lot of work, all rolled into one.
136. How do you align yourself politically?
I'm an earthy, hippie tree-hugger type in most regards. Do the math.
137. Do you have any pets?
Four housebound felines. They poop a lot, FYI.
138. Do you believe in soul mates?
Yeah. I have some o' those.
139. What’s one trait that you hate about yourself?
I'm very harsh on myself. I don't treat myself kindly at all. I am working on it, but when you're told that you're no good for 10 years of your identity-building adolescence, it's hard not to believe it.
Well, on that note, onto the special 4th episode of this-here meme!