Some Great Deals To Pass Along To You...
Saturday 9: If Loving You Is Wrong...So Be It

Glad To Be Here!

Disclosure: I received products for review from and as described below. All opinions are and will always be 100% mine.


For participting in the BlogHer conference in New York City this past weekend, I was given a Mom-Made Meal Kit from Glad to help prepare my family for eating in my absence. Sorry about the blurry picture above; we received a recipe for Mom-Made Chipotle Chicken Enchiladas, along with some of the ingredients: tortillas, Old El Paso Enchilada Sauce, and Ortega Diced Chiles.


And of course, I was given a package of Large, family-sized Glad FreezerWare containers for storing their meals while I was going to be away.

However, as is typical for us, I didn't have all the necessary ingredients on hand for the recipe, nor did I have the time to go shopping beforehand, so we impovised and used the Glad FreezerWare containers to make three boxes of macaroni and cheese, all different kinds for variety's sake (I mean, kinda, hello), instead.


Here's Rob (aka "Hubs") putting the first batch of mac & cheese into a Gladware container for freezing.


Makin' sure he gets every last drop of cheese, because this is the good stuff! ;)


After the first batch was made, Chloë (aka DD1, aged almost-11) put the container in the freezer for the duration. I don't have a picture of the 2nd variety being made and frozen, but Sophia (aka DD2, aged 7) got to put that one in the freezer, if it's important to you to know!

As for Batch Three? Well, two things came into play at that point: We were out of Glad FreezerWare containers, and our mouths were watering from the first two batches of mac & cheese. So we all dug in and ate that right up. Hey, ya gotta eat every day, right?

So how did the frozen macaroni and cheese fare in the Glad FreezerWare containers? Perfectly! There was a tight, secure seal on the lid, and the food within tasted as good as freshly-made M&C when reheated a day or two later. Or three; I forget.

Maybe we'll get around to that Enchilada recipe sooner or later, but one thing's for sure: Glad FreezerWare containers are sticking around this household for the long haul! And, well, so is the macaroni and cheese. Heh.