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Chloë's 11th Birthday


As you may remember, Chloë's birthday falls the day before mine - she was my 25th birthday present. ♥ This year, a few weeks ago, she turned 11 years old! We didn't really have a chance to do anything for her birthday on the actual day, but we did have that huge party in the park the next day (my birthday), and her Beau brought her some presents that he had saved up his allowance for to buy himself. Aw.


Chlo & Beau spent nearly the entirety of the party asking when she could open his presents. I kept putting her off until the end, so I could do the giveaways and things we were there to do, so they were very excited when I announced it was time at last! Note that she is wearing birthday earrings from Grandma, who sent lovely packages as well.




He gave her three Lego Friends sets, which was right on the mark - whenever I let the kids spent some of my free Amazon.com money from Swagbucks or wherever, that's what the girls pick! So she was quite happy, and in turn, Beau was happy. Those two crazy kids!


Another package from Grandma was waiting for her when we got home - the set of seven Narnia books from - wow, two blahg post mentions in a row! - C.S. Lewis. She's deep into the first book now, reading it whenever she gets a spare moment.


Grandma didn't forget the Littles - the earlier package containing birthday goodies for Chloë also held some sticker/activity books, as well as other swag I didn't get pictures of, for there were eleventy-nine hands in the box as I tried!  Thanks, Grandma & Beau!

Now, maybe this weekend, we'll finally get a chance to do some of her birthday freebies that's our annual tradition...