Wordless Wednesday: Our Baptism!
Friday Fragments

Me And My Mini-Me


The girls and me posing for a 'girls only' pic, during Jack's piano lesson Tuesday - Chloë is SO her father, and Sophia is SO her mother!


All month, I've been calling this one employee of the music store where they take their lessons "Dave Chappelle," because he looks a bit like him and has a similarly comedic character. He's been trying to come up with a nickname for me since then. When I came in like this today, he snapped his fingers and pointed at me: "Punky Brewster!" And so, I've been anointed.

(And no, that is not a cassette tape; it's my iPhone cover at the moment! Generates lots of conversation, it does.)


I'll have to find a kidoodle picture of me and post a side-by-side with Sophia - you may be blown away when you see the striking similarities!