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Sunday Stealing: The End Is Near, Parte Dos

Saturday 9: Nobody Knows You...


Link up here if you're playing along this weekend. Sadly, Saturday 9 and Sunday Stealing may soon be coming to an end unless someone good takes them over. I thought about it for a split second and then realized, yeah, I have enough to do... so no.

1. When did you last feel down and out?
Wednesday night.  I was way manic and then I plummeted, but I'm doing much better now. Stupid bipolar! Reliably unreliable, my moods.
2. What do you do to feel sexy?
Take a shower, for starters. I use lots of girly, smelly-good stuff when I want to, and from there it depends on where I'm going next and with whom! ;)
3. Do you think people think you are normal?
Oh, God, I hope not!
4. What have you always wanted to do?
Dive the Great Barrier Reef. One day...
5. What do you appreciate the most about your life at this time?
My husband's love and support
6. If you could be somewhere else, where would you be and why?
Living on a boat, traveling the world and homeschooling the kids with the most amazing, real-life multi-cultural experiences. SO want to do that...
7.  Have you ever made a fool of yourself? If yes, spill.
Fairly often. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. I can't think on anything I want to share at the moment. In 7th grade I peed my pants in school. That was humiliating!
8. How often do you feel guilty?
I should've been Jewish... :\
9. Give us an example of what you’ve done when feeling low self-esteem.
I suppose you don't mean all my suicide attempts. Too bad; that's my answer. :(
On that high note, I bid you adieu.