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You Say It's Your Birthday? It's My Birthday Too, Yeah!

It's my birthday (36!!) today, and Chloë's (11th!!!) yesterday, which are not really milestone dates at all, so just a brief post from me about this. Briefer still because I was already 2/3 done with the post and, yet again, Typepad ate the damn thing. ARGH, that is getting SO OLD. She got what she wanted for her birthday most of all, a day early on Thursday, having gone from this:


to this:


She keeps commenting how weird it feels without them, but she loves it at the same time. We'll get her retainer on Monday. Yeesh, I can't believe I'm old enough to have a kid who needs one of those!


We're having a (non-birthday, just coincidental) party later today at a local park, so we went over there this evening to scope out the best location for the party and have some fun as a family. So fun! Here are Chloë and her daddy on a (new-fangled??) teeter-totter, having a blast despite the weight difference. Once we'd been eaten alive by skeeters, we headed to the grocery to pick up the meat and drinks for the next day's party.

You'll notice there aren't any pics of the Littles; my beloved Nikon was stolen, so I'm solely reliant upon my iPhone for pics at the moment, dadblast it!


At the store, we'd picked up a six-pack of cupcakes for singing "Happy Birthday" to her after dinner, but we ended up short on cash and having to take them off our order. Birthday Girl was disappointed and instantly in tears, so the poor/sweet/nice cashier took pity on her and just gave them to her outright. Twinge of guilt, but it was a lovely gesture, and this expression was the result.


The birthday cupcake is presented by Daddy.


My darling Chloë, I hope this and all your wishes come true! ♥

So here are a few recent pictures of me... I've been losing weight again as I've been terribly sick this week, and today I managed to fit into my size 2 jeans for the first time EVER, so that's my silver lining along with the illness:


Chloë snapped this photo of me on Monday (Labor Day).


A self-portrait on Wednesday, pre-hair and make-up...



... and post. I look a LOT like my mommy in the bottom picture. ♥


And one last Instagram self-portrait before I go... What can I say? Now that I like what I see in the mirror, I'm no longer camera-shy! :P

I'll be back shortly with some product reviews; stay tuned for those if you so choose. Thanks for stopping by!