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Saturday 9: Over The Rainbow

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments

Link up here if you've got bits and pieces floating around in ye olde brain this week!

I've had a busy week. For starters, we've all been sick, especially the kiddos, so I proclaimed it Fall Break and gave them the week off to lie around in bed and cough an stuff. I was sick, too, in the same way and gastro-intestinally (TMI?), so I did a lot of sitting around. I wasn't sick on Monday and, feeling pretty good, so I did a ton of laundry and cleaning house. Then I went downhill, so ... this will mostly be a pictorial of our week.

Live in the vineyard

On Sunday, I went (by my lonesome, because we didn't have childcare) to the qualifying party for the radio station I to which I listen to send someone to Live in the Vineyard. I just KNEW I was going to win the trip, but alas and alack, I came in tenth out of about 11 times as many people. Close but no cigar. At least I got a $20 gift card to a wine shop and the latest Matchbox Twenty CD out of it - not to mention a very strong gin & tonic that had me announcing something kind of embarrassing, on the microphone, to the ENTIRE room.


Also on Monday, aside from cleaning and attending to sick kids - and speaking of sick kids, actually - I signed up to be a Point Radio change bandit to benefit The Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters (CHKD). You can look at the sidebar on the right to see how much I've raised and (please, please, please) donate a buck or two to my efforts. I fervently believe that if I'd had my twins at CHKD, Robby would still be alive; aside from that, Jack has had surgery there, and Sophia has been followed there for her ongoing breathing issues, as well, so I help them out however and whenever I can. I'd greatly appreciate your support!

Change bandit


Since I fell sick on Tuesday, and Chloë especially was ailing, I canceled their instrument lessons and spent time on eBay in between nursing sick chirren. I've had a good month: over $700 in sales! Woot!

On Wedneday, Rob's and my Halloween costumes came in, so we tried them on:


Oops, that one's not for trick-or-treating. Heh heh heh. Let me try again:


I kind of hate this picture, because I look fat in it, but whatevs, it's fun. We still haven't decided where we'll go trick-or-treating -- definitely not here in the new neighborhood -- or even if we will, as opposed to trunk-or-treating at church, so I guess with five days to go, I better figure it out! At least we've only eaten ¼ of the candy I've bought for handing out!

On Thursday, I really didn't feel well, so I skipped Jack's Cub Scout pack Halloween party and sent the rest of the family without me. The kids were SO excited to dress up in their costumes:


Sophia is going as a pretty princess (yes, I will be buying more appropriate shoes for her before Wednesday night!);


Jack's a dangerous dinosaur (LOL I just realized I left the tags on his costume; d'oh!); and,


Chloë's a cute kitty cat. Guess I need to find some black shoes for her, as well!


Group shot, including our landlord in the background. Argh.

I'm on my way out for therapy in a bit, so I'll leave you with some cute shots of the adorable tommy-kittens Sophie and I rescued a week ago.


That's Pepper on top and Ginger on the bottom.


A trio of cuteness!


Soap cuddlng Ginger, "her" kitten, while studying her guitar lesson book.


Chloë mimicking Jack's portrait with the kitties.


Me canoodling with my "grandkitties," looking an awful lot like my mum in this photo, face-wise.


And finally, Pepper peeking out of Rob's camo work pants pocket! Aww!

That's it from me. Hopefully after therapy I'll be able to do some visiting of y'all Fragmenters, too!