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Saturday 9: Over The Rainbow


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Saturday 9: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

1) Do you ever fantasize about flying, beyond the rainbow or anywhere else?

YES!!! I dream about it, too! If I could choose a superpower, flying would absolutely be it.

2) Do you think you have seen The Wizard of Oz more than 10 times?

Yes, I definitely have. It was a staple growing up in my house.

3) Which Wizard of Oz character would you most like to dress as for Halloween?

Dorothy, natch. I would rock that costume, too!

4) What will Trick-or-Treaters get when they come to your front door?

Erm, silence. We're going trunk-or-treating at our church this year instead. And I always hand out the good stuff! ;)

5) Did you ever TP a neighbor's house or indulge in other acts of Halloween vandalism as a kid? (Don't worry, that statute of limitations is up.)

Nope, never that I can recall. About five years ago, Rob and I threw about an entire carton of eggs into the street for kicks, though. Don't ask me why; I was probably manic at the time. No telling why Rob went along with me.

6) Who annoys you more -- people who never respond to your texts/emails, or those who never look up because they're always checking their texts/emails?

Definitely the former. I detest being ignored!

7) Who was the last person you hugged?

Chloë, before her flute lesson this afternoon, partially because we were both freezing...

8) What two colors do you like to wear together?

Black and red when I'm feeling sexy, earth tones when I'm feeling, you know, earthy.

9) Did your alarm clock wake you up this fine Saturday morning?

No... my husband did... ;)

On that note...