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Sunday Stealing: Who Are You, Parte Final

This-here is last week's linkage and post. I didn't get to play, so I'mma  make up for that now and then do this week's in a separate post, since they're not the same, er, um, series or whatevs. Not that you all cared or needed that explanation, but I'm givin' it to ya anyhow. So let's git 'er done:

Sunday stealing Who Are you? Part 7 – It is Over! 

Part 7: Self Image

84. Describe the routine of a normal day for you:

There is no 'normal day' for me. Ever. Smoking never occurs, though. Unless you count me being smoking fucking HOT. Haha.

85. What is your greatest strength as a person?

I have survived the unexpected death of my mother at the age of seven (mine; 33, hers); horrific abuses at the hands of my step-mother and some, my father; two rapes; the unexpected death of one of my mono-amniotic/mono-chorionic twin boys at three days post-birth, the Bush Years, and lots more we haven't even discussed here yet, and I'm still able to live, laugh, and love on a daily basis. I think that's prolly it, yo.

86. What is your greatest weakness?

I'm selfish and self-indulgent, I know it, and I haven't worked on that enough in my intensive therapy yet.

87. Are you going to run for President in 2016?

I'll give it some thought. No.

88. Are you generally self-contained?

I'm generally not even sure what that means. I'm a spazzola, so I'm guessing probably not?

89. Are you generally organized or messy?

There's a third category: an organized mess. That's me. You can be a box, you can be a squiggle, you can be a boxy squiggle, or a squiggly box. I'm the third one.

90. Name three things you consider yourself to be very good at, and three things you consider yourself to be very bad at:

Good: Loving my kids with all my might, cursing, and giggling.

Bad: Turning down fine chocolate despite the fact I can (should) no longer eat it, calling in the refills on my prescription meds in time before they run out, and, according to my daughters, "Nothing, but trying to be mean." Awwwwwww!!!!

91. Do you like your neighbours? Do they like you?

Yes, and I think so.

92. Are you different in public then you act among friends?

Oh, HELL yes.

93. What goal do you most want to accomplish in your lifetime?

I want to raise some damn good people, three of whom sprang forth from mah belleh. (Yes, they did, too - three c-sections, thx.)

Oh, that and visit all the continents at least once.

94. Where do you see yourself in 4 years?

Forty and still cute. Warm. Hopefully about 15 lbs of skin lighter and tighter. Traveling. Still homeschooling. And so forth...

95. If you could choose, how would you want to leave this world?

I want to be eaten by a shark, fo' realz.

96. If you had only one week to live, what three things would be bumped up on the bucket list?

OMG. Hardest question ever. Uhhhh... I'd try karaoke on my best voice day, tell some people the truth about what I really thought of them, and die holding my hubs and babes.

97. What is one thing about you that really stands out?

Sophie: "Love."

Jack: "I don't know. You're pretty!"

Chloë is still struggling to come up with an answer that the younger two didn't already mention, aside from, "Your coat really brings out your hair and eyes!"

♥ ♥ ♥

98. What three words best describe your personality?

Funny, cray-cray, irreverent.

99. What three words would others probably use to describe you?

Smart, hilarious (when they really know me, that is), and passionate.

100. What advice do you have to give?

Don't listen to me. ::snerkle::

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