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Link up here if you wanna be a thief today, too! Sunday Stealing: The Deleted Meme 1. Who is your favorite artist (any field)? Definitely Romero Britto. We have a couple two-three of his pieces, both fine art and functional... Read more →

In Which I Love Being A Nerd

Intro to Nerd Humor Funny Venn Diagram Funny Punnett Square Funny Syllogism Funny Evolution Shizzy Funny Chemistry Funny Physics Funny Calculus Funny Geology Funny Psychiatry Funny Sociology Funny Engineering Funny Fugue Shizzy Funny Genetics Shizzy Um. Awesome clock I totally... Read more →

So three days of our Advent 2012 calendar in, and it's kind of a half-fail. December 1st, the activity on the calendar was "1. Nautical Holidays – make your own nautical-themed ornaments @ Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Museum 10 AM –... Read more →