Saturday 9: White Christmas
Sunday Stealing: The Meme Of Today

In Which I Love Being A Nerd

Intro to Nerd Humor

Funny Venn Diagram

Funny Punnett Square

Funny Syllogism

Funny Evolution of Dinosaurs Picture

Funny Evolution Shizzy

Funny Chemistry

Funny Physics

Funny Calculus

Funny Geology

Funny Psychiatry

Funny Sociology

Funny Engineering

Funny Fugue Shizzy

Laws Of Genetics !!!

Funny Genetics Shizzy

Um. Awesome clock I totally NEEDZ to make myself!!

Funny Ecology. Hee.

Funny Grammar Shizzy

Not-so-funny-but-true Marine Biology "Humor"

funny, live long and prosper, sheldon, sheldon cooper, the big bang theory

Funny Sheldon Cooper shizzy

I Heart NERDS Mousepad