Advent-ures 2012, Days 7-12 (Yeah, I Know...)
Sunday Stealing: The Deleted Meme

Saturday 9: Christmas Carols

I'm late again, what else is new?! Link up here if you want to be late like me, too!
1) What's the first holiday song that comes to mind? 

The First Noel - it was my mother's favourite song and, maybe largely because of that, it is mine, too.
2) Are you sending cards (either by postal service or email) this year? If so, have they gone out yet?

Ugh. Yes, I'm sending out cards. Usually I'm among the first to get them out, but this is an extremely busy December for me this year, and no, they haven't gone out yet. I have about 30 stamped and ready to go, but lots more to do. (Do YOU want one? I have lots and LOVE to send out cards; comment if you'd like one. :D )
3) Can you see any holiday decorations from where you're answering these questions?
Yep. We're not putting up a tree this year, but we've made one out of cardboard as part of our many Advent crafting activities, so there's that, the wrapping paper-wrapped door of the room I'm in, the actual Advent craft/calendar, and some more "stuff" for more Advent crafts. Advent, Advent, Advent. Just thought I'd say it a few more times!
4) Do you wrap gifts in paper or take the gift bag route?

I'm all about the environment, so I have about 50,000 (give or take, like, one) used and reused gift bags that we recycle every year. However, I'd like to take it a step further this year and wrap our gifts, as much as possible, in useable fabric, like t-shirts, bandannas, material for sewing projects, or what-have-you. I love the idea, have done it before, and plan to do it again! Try it!
5) The holidays are an important fundraising time for charities. Here's an opportunity to do a shameless plug for your favorite. What organization or cause do you wish got more support at the holidays, and all year around?

I think Heifer International is a fantastic charity, and I like to support them when we can, by gifting animals to impoverished villages instead of random plastic crap from China, for instance, to ... whomever. 
6) Andy Williams was famous for his family holiday specials. What TV family would you most like to spend Christmas with?
I think the Huxtables would be good people to spend it with, because... Because.
7) The holidays are a big time for travel. Where did you go on your first airplane flight?
... To/from Syracuse, NY. Exciting, right? Actually, it was; my grandparents were in NJ, and I loooooved being with them. That actually wasn't my first flight, I'm sure, but I've been flying for longer than I can remember, so that's the earliest memory I have.
8)  Does the weather have an impact on your mood?

Yes. My psychopharmacologist was just asking me how I was doing with this Saturday morning, actually. It's better this year than most, but it has been a relatively mild Autumn / almost Winter so far, so there ya go.
9) Snack time! You're about to make yourself your favorite sandwich. What ingredients do you need?

I love a pita full of hummus, cheese of some sort, and that's usually good enough for me. However, the very best (and I'm not even lying to insert a shameless plug; this is the God's honest truth) hummus and pita sammich I ever had came from my BIL Mike Odette's restaurant in Columbia, MO, Sycamore. There were sprouts and cucumbers on it, and probably some stuff I don't remember anymore, but it was So. Freaking. Good. I crave it all the time, but alas, Missouri is not exactly a hop, skip, and a jump from Virginia!
(If you're ever in Columbia, GO to Sycamore. Ask for Chef Mike. Tell him I sent you. You'll not regret it!)
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