Advent-ures 2012, Days 4-6
In Which I Love Being A Nerd

Saturday 9: White Christmas

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1) Do you ever suffer the blues during the holidays? 

To an extent, yes. I lost my beloved grandmother on the 23rd of the month, and of course it's always a time for some people to remember the loved ones who aren't there to share the holidays with us. I don't dwell too much on that during the Christmas season, though.

2) More than 18 million visitors have toured Elvis' home, Graceland. Have you ever been there? 
No, but I plan to take my dad sometime, since he is probably the biggest. fan. ever.
3) Elvis dyed his naturally light brown locks black. Do you dye your hair?
Colorful hair.
For the first time since April, 1995, my hair is its natural colour, and only because I buzzed it all off. My husband wants me to let it grow out naturally to see if I have any grays (I insist that I don't, yet), while others are daring me to dye it platinum blonde or shocking pink. I'm most intent on proving Hubs wrong, though!
4) He also insisted his young girlfriend, Priscilla, dye her hair jet black. If your lover asked you to change your hair, would you?
I would take it under consideration, but I would have retain final veto power, natch.

5) Elvis served his country at an Army base in Friedberg, Germany. Have you ever been to Germany?
No, but I am 2/3 German/Pennsylvania Dutch. I'll get there one day. 

6) Elvis famously had an affair with Ann-Margret during the filming of Viva Las Vegas. Have you ever indulged in a dalliance with a coworker?
I have more than a few things in common with Elvis.
7) Thinking of his movies ... Elvis was, by and large, unhappy with his film career and once said, "The only thing worse than watching a bad movie is being in one." Are you happy with the way your career is going/has gone?
Once upon a time, I was on the fast-track to becoming a prominent marine biologist. Now I'm one of the two most important people in three wonderful peoples' lives. It's not exactly what I had in mind when I was 20, but I wouldn't change it for a minute. And who knows what I'll end up being when all is said and done... though I do plan on being a family court judge one day.
8) Elvis lost "the battle of the bulge" toward end of his life. Are you happy with your weight?
Before Gastric Bypass:
After Gastric Bypass:
You be the judge!

9) As a teenager, Elvis worked as an usher at a movie theater. What was your first job?
This was my life from 12-17, essentially. Almost comically similar. Almost.