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Sunday Stealing: The Not-So-Manly Meme

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Sunday Stealing: The Not So Manly Meme 

1. Boxers? Briefs? Boxer briefs? Thongs? Bikinis? Commando?

I hate thongs, but I have a few. I just don't like that permanent-wedge feeling. Really... why??

2. What’s your fussiest personal care routine?

My entire skin care routine is 'fussy.' I'm very metrosexual that way. Oh, wait, I'm not a man, so it's cool, right? I use, like, oodles of JAFRA products to get through my routine. Good stuff, there.
3. Do you have a favorite tool? Power or manual?
Yes: Hubs. Power or manual depends largely on his sleep deficit-to-caffeine intake ratio.
4. Can you change your own oil? Do you?
I learnt once, in my old '81 Honda Civic wagon, but I couldn't do it now in the Odyssey. I get it done.
5. What’s the “manliest / 'womenliest” thing you do on a regular basis?
I take lots of long soaks in the tub and use oodles of the afore-mentioned JAFRA products to get nice and smelly-good, soft, and purdy for my day.
6. What’s something “manly” that you never learned how to do?
Grow a big set of cajones.
7. Do you ever cry? If so, what’s your trigger?
I cry all the time. My trigger appears to be being excessively female.
8. Do you have a chivalrous streak? How does it manifest itself?
Well, such as it applies to me being female, yes, I hold open doors for anyone and everyone, and step aside to let others go first. Always.
9. Do you have a chauvinistic streak? How does it manifest itself?
I have a vagina. I'm not sure the question applies.
10. What’s your favorite movie?
I'll tell you what it's not: Anything with "Ernest Goes to..." in the title!
11. What’s the dumbest, testosterone-inspired thing you’ve ever seen?
Jackass. The show, not the movie.
12. What quality do you think makes a good man good? Do you have that quality?
Knowing how to treat all people respectfully. And once again, I possess female ladybits but yes, I believe I do!
13. Toilet seat up or down?
Down. No one wants to see the inside of a toilet. Really.
14. If your significant other is away, do you cook for yourself or eat out of cans and boxes (or rely on local drive-throughs and delivery)?
Hahaha... I can cook fairly decently, although Hubs does the cooking in the family, especially here in our "halfway house," so I rarely do any cooking if he's late or absent. If we had all of our stuff over from the other house, and a decent kitchen, it would be a different story. Maybe.
15. What societal expectation of being a woman do you most resent?
Woman = the weaker sex. Not hardly; especially not mentally! ;)
16. What’s the best part - societal-wise - about being a woman?
Being a mom to three smalls, when people let us walk ahead of them instead of driving through us in parking lots. It doesn't always happen, but often. (Guam is an exception; those mofos do not care.)
17. Will you stop to ask for directions?
If my iPhone isn't picking up a signal, then yes, of course. I absolutely hate getting lost!
18. What’s one thing about your significant other that you just cannot understand, no matter how hard you try?
How he got here from Mars.
19. What do you need to have in the shower?
Shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body wash, razor, body oil... and a pouf. At the mimimum.
20. Do you burp/fart/scratch? Do you do anything stereotypically male?

I burp and fart in front of Hubs. Women who don't make me laaaaaugh.

Have a great week, y'all!