In Which Almost Ten Years Have Passed...
Sunday Stealing: The Back Half Meme

Saturday 9: Bette Davis Eyes


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1.  Has anyone ever told you that you resemble a celebrity?


Yes. That's me, right now, and that:

is Molly Ringwald, who I've heard a thousand times is the one I look like. When I have hair, and makeup on, I can see it, but right now I'm not so sure.

2. Is there an actor or actress whose movies you make it a point to see?


While I certainly haven't seen all their movies, Tom Hanks and Parker Posey are two of my favorites, and I will make it a special point to see their flicks if I get a chance!

3. We're stopping for refreshments before we go in to see the movie. What do you order?


I will order the biggest Diet Coke available, and if I must get something to eat, a hot pretzel with cheese - but only if the cheese is not at all spicy. I do not DO spicy!

4. When did you last consume an alcoholic beverage? What was it?


It was either a glass of red wine from a bottle the co-DJ of my morning radio show recommended to me at an event we both recently attended (and the partner of one of the Ringwald insistors from #1, with whom I no longer speak...), which I did NOT like, or a Mai Tai. I can't remember which was more recent, since it's been so long. I rarely drink, and never much when I do, anymore. Once upon a time, in high school on the weekends, I was quite the lush! 

5. Are you jumpy? Do you startle easily?

Do you remember that episode of Friends in which Ross promoted the concept of "unagi," that is, (paraphrasing) the ability to stay calm and not be startled when surprised? I always joke that I possess that, and the joke is, I SOOO don't! Don't ever put a gun in my hands; I'd probably have quite the itchy trigger finger! 

6. Do you wear a watch?

Almost never, except when I'm SCUBA diving, and then I wear one like the one above, there. But I haven't dove in over 10 years, sad to say. (I will be changing that come this Spring, when we move back to Miami, my original diving stomping grounds and where I got certified in the first place!) 

In college, I suddenly became allergic to all my jewelry, and my wristwatch was the worst offender. I can rarely wear a watch since then, without breaking out in an extremely uncomfortable rash that takes forever to be rid of. So, I typically just use my iPhone when I need a watch. It works.

7. When was the last time you tried a new restaurant?

Hmm. I think it was this past summer, for a date night with Hubs. I rode on the back of his motorcyle, and we went to a new Thai restaurant. Fun times! I love that guy; can't wait to have him all the time in a month! ♥

8. What color is your wallet?

Retro Metro Crossbody

 I don't really carry one, though I do have several, including a burnt orange one that was my mother's when she died. Instead, I carry a Cross-Body "satchel," as we've taken to calling it, that I bought from my friend and Thirty-One Consultant, Debbie. It's similar to the one above, but not quite the same; I don't see mine anymore. Mine's dark brown, but since I wear a lot of black, I need to get one in that color, too!

9. How much does your wallet have in coins right now?

I had to laugh at myself counting out change at 0415 on a Saturday morning for the sake of a blahg post! It came to $1.05, with only that last 5¢ being pennies, so not a whole lot right now. The Cross-Body doesn't like a lot of bulky change, after all, so I try to pare it down when I can.


That's it for this post!