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Saturday 9: Hakuna Matata

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1) Sam is crazy for The Lion King. Do you have a favorite Disney movie? 
Can you guess? I'm a marine biologist... my favorite is Finding Nemo, of course, followed by The Little Mermaid!

2) The song tells us that Hakuna Matata "means no worries." Is something worrying you right now?
Yes!! We're moving in just over a week, and I'm worried about that, the funds for doing so, where we're going to live when we get to Miami, and whether or not anything will be broken in the process. I'm quite anxious at the mo'!

3) Who is the most optimistic person you know?
My youngest honeychile, Sophia. She is definitely a good time girl; I bet she'll party in college and still make A's. And yes, she is always optimistic.
4) Elton John wrote "Hakuna Matata" but didn't record it. Name a song Sir Elton is famous for singing.
My favorite Elton John song is "Sad Songs" - they say so much, you know.

5) Can you play the piano?
Not really. I took lessons for several years, but I am terribly slow at reading music, so I didn't progress very far with it. I can still play from memory, though.

6) Congratulations! You just won a guided African Safari Tour! Eight days in Zambia and Botswana for you and a friend. All expenses paid, and allowing you access to breathtaking, unforgettable sights. It takes at least 30 hours to get there, and before you go you'll need yellow fever and hepatitis vaccinations and medication to prevent malaria. Are you up for it?
Are you kidding? Absolutely! Sign me up!! I want to see the entirety of this planet before I kick the proverbial bucket.

7) There's been a mistake. You really won a 4-night Disney Bahamas Cruise for two. Are you relieved or disappointed that you'll be partying with a guy in a Simba suit on the Lido Deck instead of observing a real lion in the wild?
We plan on taking a Disney cruise next year, but I'd still be very disappointed. It's incomparable. Plus, I really freaking hate the Bahamas. Hate it. That and Tampa, Florida, are two of the very few places I definitely do not like.
8) Let's bring this back to real life -- do you have any vacation plans? 
Oh, I just told you about that, didn't I? ;)
9) Describe your luggage. Is it durable and high quality? Or are you like Crazy Sam, who has been known to use an Old Navy shopping bag as her carry-on?
We have a set of red luggage that needs replacing. It's definitely not high-quality stuff, though the fact that it still exists depite the kids' best efforts to destroy it must mean it's halfway decent. Almost all the zipper pulls have fallen off, which drives me crazy, and some of the zippers are starting to unzip from the wrong end. It'll get us through the move to Miami, but I don't have many hopes for it after that.
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