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It's Raining Cats & Dogs

April 2013 003

I haven't kept up with the posts as often as I'd have liked, because the internet connection has been spotty at best. I can't wait until we have our own service set up! Anyway, here are Ginger (right) and Pepper stealing my pizza. These are the two kittens we rescued around Halloween 2012; they are Sophia and Chloë's babies. They are also piggies, especially the formerly-on-death's-door Pepper. He will eat ANYthing! (and tries) 

April 2013 005

That's the same two kitties in Rob's arms, on Easter Sunday, along with the much more aloof Star, another rescuee (this time from a friend after a long-ago Bunco game at her house). She's beautiful, though.

April 2013 007

And another close-up of the impossibly cute duo, Ginger and Pepper. Totes photogenic, no?


And today, at the end of the same week, we encountered this sweet old broad walking around near our neighborhood. No one was in sight who might have been her owner, so we took her home to call Animal Control.


We gave her a little food, a bunch of water, and some shelter while Rob called, but it looked like we were going to have her all weekend after it turned out Animal Control doesn't work on the weekends. She was plenty hairy, and we didn't know if she was a he, so we named her Cousin Itt.  She was blind in both eyes, it appeared, and had lots of clumps in her long fur. My guess was someone moved and left her behind, because she knew commands and was as gentle as could be. Sad.


Eventually, though, we had to cut Cousin Itt loose when she kept barking. I tried to calm her, but it was no use. She barked every couple of seconds, and we can't really have her here. We couldn't let her inside, with six cats unused to having a dog around, or else we would have done so. I feel bad, and the kids are still talking about her. But when Rob let her go, she ran off in the direction from which she came, so maybe she did have a home there after all. Let's hope.

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