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Saturday 9: Mama Told Me (Not To Come)

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1) This song is about a lad who didn't take his mother's advice and attended the wild party anyway (hear it here). When you were young, did your parents approve of your friends? If you're a parent yourself, how have you handled it when your kids start hanging around with friends you're not crazy about?

I was a nerd with mostly nerdy friends (sorry guys, but it's true), so there wasn't much of which to disapprove. I've liked pretty much all my kids' friends, so it's been a non-issue so far. They're only tweens now, though, so we'll see what changes as they grow into their teen years.
2) A 2010 poll named Marge Simpson of The Simpsons the most popular TV mom of all time. Who is your favorite TV (or movie) mother?

Claire Huxtable. I would have loved to have a mother like her.
3) Crazy Sam's mother is a big fan of The National Enquirer. As she likes to say, "They were right about John Edwards!" Do you read the tabloids? Cast a guilty glance at them when you're in line at the store? Or ignore them altogether? 

I pretty much ignore them now, although once in a while I'll glance at the headlines at the checkout. Every single week, though, my grandmother used to get the Enquirer, Star, and one other - the Globe, maybe? I'd read them when I visited her. Very entertaining for a kid.
4) Mother Winters always gave Sam peppermint tea to calm her stomach. Do you have any tried-and-true home remedies to share?

It's not really my forte, having grown up without the miracle of modern medicine allowed in my home. We weren't even permitted to utter the words "I'm sick," so I'm the wrong person to ask. I do believe in acupressure for mild headaches, though.
5) Thinking of guts ... When making decisions, do you tend to consider all the options carefully or do you "go with your gut"?

I usually consider the options and THEN go with my gut. I pretty much jump in with both feet when I know what I want to do. I'm the type who would rather ask forgiveness than permission.
6) Spring is here! Do you have a green thumb?

No way. I kill every plant I get. I recently bought some succulents (think: cactus relatives), thinking there's no way I could kill those. Guess what? They were dead within a week. Sad!
7) Have you put away your winter clothes yet?  

Put away some and trying to get rid of some. Now that we live in Miami, I'm hoping to need very few of those.
8) After you lather and rinse, do you repeat?
Only when I've colored my hair or been to the beach. I have very little hair right now, so "repeat" is not usually necessary.
9) To celebrate Mother's Day, Sam is giving away Hershey bars. Would you prefer classic milk chocolate, dark chocolate or milk chocolate with almonds?
Yum, I'll take some milk chocolate with almonds, please! And don't tease a girl - want my address to send 'em?? ;)
Stay tuned for more posts and Sunday Stealing later this weekend!