So You Want To Be A Mystery Shopper
If It Has A Tail, It's A Monkey. If It Doesn't Have A Tail, It's An Ape.

Sunday Stealing: The Current Meme

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Thinking about:
The delishamus baked potato with sautéed Vidalia onions and sowie cream and butter and love that Rob made me just now. *(gag)* 

I've been so anxious lately, I've had to go back on my anxiety meds. Sucktastic. :*(
Just doing a little catchin' up while I eat my taters

Listening to:  

Currently, Miss Gaga is on il radio. Hey, I don't make the requests, I just plug the buds in my ears and zone out.

...and if so, what will it beeeeeee????
Looking forward to:  
We're heading to the zoo tomorrow with FIL and sMIL for Mom's Day. Should be so fun!

MOM of Steel

Me Maw. Mother's Day sucks without her. :'(
Lucky and Hunter, those two playful rascals we're trying to adopt out


(and it's SO good)
Making me happy:

The fact that I'm going to lie down as soon as I'm finished eating. I'm TARD.