Saturday 9: Greased Lightnin'
In Which I AM Disabled

Sunday Stealing: The Fairy Tale Meme

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Sunday Stealing: the fairy tale meme

Snow White: Do you consider yourself pretty? Name the part of your body you think is the most beautiful!

I think I'm okay. Not beautiful, but not unattractive, either. I think my collarbone and shoulders are the most attractive part of me; I wish I could get my full body lift to make the rest of me match!

Cinderella: What is your shoe size?

I have what one shoe salesman recently called "tiny" feet: size 5½. I take a size 4 bowling shoe, though. 

Sleeping Beauty: How many hours do you sleep each night?

People sleep at night?!

My sleeping habits are pretty erratic. Half the nights I don't sleep at all, and then I'll do a marathon 10-12 hour catch-up snooze binge.

Little Red Riding Hood: What is your favorite food?  

I adore hummus and frequently make ridiculous assertions about it being "yummus."  Right now, though, I'm craving Gordon Biersch's garlic artichoke dippy stuff. Mmm-mmm, so tasty.

The Frog Prince: What do you find disgusting?

I know I always get on my high horse about this, but here's what continually disgusts me:

When I'm in an amusement park, zoo, or any other such venue where children are abundant, and there are designated smoking areas (or, ideally, the place is smoke-free), that whiff of smoke from some "the rules don't apply to me" asshat makes me want to vomit.  You want to pollute your own lungs inside your own house, fine. But you don't have the right to toxify my any child's air. No. No, you don't.

It's the one thing about which I'll always be outspoken, shyness be damned. I don't care if you're the Queen of England.  Smoking is gross.

And yes, that's how I really feel. ;)

Jack and the Beanstalk: What plants are in your room?

Sadly for a biologist, I have a black thumb. I killed so many plants as a graduate student, I wondered how I'd ever manage to successfully raise a child! 

Puss in Boots: Do you have a pet? Do you want one?

Oh, God. Well, this is somewhat embarrassing, but right now we have six cats and are fostering two more. We intend to adopt out those little guys this week. I wouldn't mind getting rid of one of our six, but we all have pretty strong attachments to the other five, so I don't know how we'd pare that number down any more.

It wouldn't be so bad if we had the room for them. And in my utopia, there would be many more species in cohabitation with us! It'd be like Noah's freakin' ark up in here.

Rumpelstiltskin: What is the meaning of your url?  

Let's go over that one more time, shall we? My name is Melanie Ann. My dad has always called me Mellie-Ann. When we were in middle school, my older sister delightfully changed it to Smellyann. The joke's on her, though, because I liked it!

The Little Mermaid: Can you sing?

I have my good voice days and my bad ones, but I can carry a tune. I was in choir for years and was going to audition for the college one, but I got strep throat for the billionth time. After that, I was too anxious about it and haven't really sung publicly since, unless singing in church counts.

Pinocchio: What is your greatest wish?

I wish people would take better care of the Earth we've been given. The situation is dire, and most people have their heads in the sand.

Peter Pan: What is your (mental) age?  

In reality, I'll be 37 in September. Mentally, though - and especially now that we've moved back to Miami - I can't believe I'm not college-aged anymore. I feel the pangs of aging physically, but I still have that 20-year-old outlook. I admit to wearing rose-coloured glasses, too.

The Star Money: What is your most prized possession?

You know that quote, "The best things in life aren't things"? Well, all that aside, it's my mom's Bible and her old costume jewelry. I have few things from my mother - and fewer memories - but I cherish every gift of hers I've been given. And that includes her "things."

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