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Sunday Stealing: The Three Wishes Meme, Part The Second

I'm having wine. Consider yourself warned. Linkage is here.

The Wish List Meme, part two  

26.) If you had to order from a kid's menu, what would you get?  

You know what's pretty good? Macaroni and cheese. Good old mac and cheese.  I like that shit. Apparently that menu doesn't believe in it, though, so I'll take the grilled cheese. Thanks for asking. By the by, I do get to order off the kids' menu with my "I had gastric bypass surgery" doctor card. Except for Chinese restaurants. Those people don't give a shit.

27.) Do you speak any other languages?  

I used to be fairly fluent in Spanish, but I've lost a good piece of it, so I'll be re-learning it along with the kids now that I've bought Rosetta Stone. I can speak a little French, Italian, Latin, German, Japanese, ASL, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Polish... and maybe more, but not enough to sell a car in any of those except the español. I'm told that's the litmus test.

28.) Do you use Twitter?  

I do, but you know what? I have no fecking clue why I do.  Pretty much no one reads my tweets, including me. (@Smellyann)

29.) Do you go onto YouTube?  

I rarely do, except to look up the occasional cake-decorating or knitting technique a handful of times a year. I have a channel, but I only upload (and take) a few videos a year. Again, I have no audience, and I don't really want one except youse guys. (Smellyann76)

30.) Do you play Angry Birds?  

I used to, until I realized my kids are better at it than I am, and that pissed me off. So I stopped.

31.) Do you like theme parties?  

I don't know that I've ever been to a theme party. Unless you count "wear a dorky taffeta and tulle dress that your bitch stepmother made and pretend to like everyone else there" Junior Prom? No. Probably not.

32.) Do you like current cartoons?  

If it's by Seth MacFarlane, probably yes. Except for the stupid chicken scenes with Peetah in Family Guy. I'm so over that.

33.) Have you ever cried because you were so happy?  

OMG, that's so wrong, hahaha... I have cried so many pathetic "I hate my life" tears, I don't know if I have any left over for happy. Especially not with the happy pills I'm on. Chloë, 11, "cries happy" all the time, though. Last time was on Monday in Orlando at Sea World, when we fed the dolphins. #DreamComeTrue

34.) Who would you like to see in concert?  

Call me lame, it's okay, but I really want to see Kelly Clarkson. And Bruno Mars. And some other people who can't be heard on Classic Rock Z109.5ZZZZZ radio stationz.

Oh yeah, duh, I totally lied. MY dream come true would be seeing Eric Clapton. So I take that other shit back.

35.) Can you swim well? 

I mean, I'm all right, but I'm not winning any contests. I can float like mad, though. Thanks for making sure of that, Grandma!

36.) Ever won a contest? 

(Obviously I'm not winning the cut-and-paste contest! Ha!)

Yeah, I've won contests. At Sea World the other day, I was the first person to answer "NO" to whether sea turtles can come out of their shell, and I won a damn trivia card. Highlight of my freakin' life.

37.) Ever won a giveaway?


A week or two ago, the high-tech kids' headphones I won from a blog (I forget which, sorry) arrived in the mail. It's pretty awesome because we needed a third pair for the DVD player in the van. Three kids fighting over two pairs sucks donkey dong.

38.) Do you get a full 8 hours of sleep every night?  

I figure I get at least 30 hours of sleep a week. :\

39.) What tea do you like?  

I'm the kind of person that should like decaf herbal tea... But I don't.

40.) What mixed drink do you like?  

If it's fruity and rummy, I'm pretty much down with it. A very long time ago, in Key West, I had a salad and a margarita at Buffett's Margaritaville. We went somewhere else, and I had a pint of Guiness. Somewhere else again, and the bartender sent us each over a shot of tequila. I puked so hard after that. I blame the Irish.

41.) Do you shop at Walmart?  

I really try to avoid it at all costs, but sometimes it's the only place that carries what I need. I make sure not to wear undergarments so I'll fit in.

42.) Do you shop at Target?  

Sure! But I haven't in a couple months, because does Homestead have one??

43.) What do you order at your local coffee shop?  

I never even went into a Starbucks until, like, two or three years ago, and you know what? The caramel frappé at McDonald's is soooo much better. Trust.

44.)  Do you drink bottled or tap water? 

Seriously, here, folks. Give up the bottled water. It's bad for the planet, and it's just plain stupid. No jokes for this one.

45.) Do you like homemade meals?  

Seriously? What kind of dumb shit is that?

46.) Do you like homemade baked goods?  

That's a cake. I used to pretend I had such talent, but I don't think I really do so much now. So I stick to other desserts. I make a mean cheesecake... er, um, I mean, yes. I do.

47.) Do you shop online?  

'Nuff said.

48.) Name 3 stores online stores you would like to shop at:  

because they have everything,

because everything handmade is there that I could want, and 

because yarn. Duh.

49.) What holiday don't you like?  

I kind of can't believe we really still 'celebrate' this 'holiday.'

50.) What do you eat more of when you're sick?

I kind of don't really eat more when I'm sick. As a slightly irrelevant aside, I was in the produce department at Publix a few hours ago, and I almost bought all the ingredients for broccoli cheese soup. Except, I can't eat soup anymore. That moment sucked.

I need more wine. Someone get me a glass of Moscato already, will ya??