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Knitting For Itsystitch

Last fall, I started knitting doll sweaters for my friend Amy's incredibly beautiful handmade, Waldorf-inspired, diminutive dolls, branded under the name Itsystitch. I knitted until just before we moved from Virginia to Florida, and then I took a long break to focus on my family and other projects. 


Now that the cooler weather is coming for many parts of the country, Itsystitch dolls are needing sweaters again! Amy shipped some beautiful Cascade 220 wool yarn my way, some of which are seen above, to get back to knitting sweaters.


Between the two of us, Amy and I have tweaked that pattern so many times to ensure the perfect fit for her gorgeous, amazingly well-crafted dolls. Here's a recent one, prior to even more tweaking.


I wanted to churn out the sweaters for Amy's in-demand Itsystitch dolls, so I even brought my yarn swift and ball-winder to the hospital while Rob was there, so I could wind the twisted hanks into workable balls of yarn. Hour after hour, day after day, I sat next to Rob's bed in the hospital, knitting these tiny sweaters.


Here's another sweater, largely knitted while sitting at Rob's bedside.


I had some of Amy's red and some green left from previous Itsystitch sweaters, but not enough of either to make a full sweater. I suggested a striped number to Amy, and she thought it sounded like a great idea for a Christmas-themed doll. I'll be interested to see how that turns out!


On Friday, I got to the post office just in time to ship the latest batch of sweaters, including the Christmas stripe from above, to Amy's house in Arizona where she works on her dolls.


Here's Amy's gorgeous daughter, Stella, with one of Amy's latest creations. You can see one of the sweaters I made there, in yellow, if you can take your eyes off beautiful Stella!


Here's another of Amy's dolls, sporting one of the sweaters I knitted for her. She further accessorizes the sweaters with buttons and other embellishments, creating the perfect touch for her sweet creations.


All of Amy's Itsystitch dolls are made with high-end materials and take hours to create. They come in a variety of skin tones and arrive perfectly packaged with names, birth certificates, and personalities to fit their style. You can find Amy's dolls on Etsy here.


You can also find Itsystitch on Facebook for all the latest doll updates, previews, and other new information from Amy. "Like" her page to follow along and get the latest news.


I hope you'll follow along on Etsy and Facebook for all the latest Itsystitch news. These are truly high-quality dolls, made with the best materials and the ultimate in love and care. I crave one for my own, but while Sophia is Miss Destructo, I'm afraid that's just a pipe dream!

Let me know if you decide to snag one in the future!