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Wordless Wednesday: Baking It Up!

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I've been knitting the doll sweaters I mentioned in a previous post, so when I got paid for the latest batch, I decided to spend a small portion of the money on some delicious desserts for my family. I love to bake, and my friend Erica has been talking about these a lot lately, so I was first inspired to make this yummy Angel Food cake. I added some freshly whipped cream and juicy red raspberries to make it a wee bit more nutritious. I had never made one before, and it was HUGE hit with the kids. Chloë, my oldest, even said it was the best cake she'd ever had!


Jack, my 10-year-old son, asked for a cheesecake while I was baking the Angel Food (I hadn't told them what it would be, and he was hoping), so I baked that the following day. Of course, I like to make a huge, New York-style kind like I had growing up in that state, and I topped it high with fresh strawberries for a punch of color and nutrition. Personally, I was a little disappointed in it as it felt a little gritty and less creamy than I wanted, but my standards for cheesecake are extremely high. Everyone else loved it, and they devoured it within two days!

What have you been cooking up lately?