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Wordless Wednesday: BOO! #Halloween #Wordless


I'd heard about "BOO-ing" your neighbors in the past, but this year I was inspired to actually do it.

We've got tons of candy for Halloween from all the great deals I've been getting, and extra pumpkin baskets, too, so we decided to go for it.

We went over here to get the poem and "You've been BOO-ed" print-out, and the kids and I set up the baskets full of treats.

Of course, I had to take a picture of them going "BOO!" before we did the actual, you know, booing.

We picked a nearby neighbor to surprise and did a ding-dong-dash before sneaking away to the shadows for them to open the door and find their surprise.

They exclaimed about the pumpkin filled with treats, yelled, "THANK YOU!" and off we ran, giggling at the fun.

My kids were SO excited, we did it again right away to another neighbor.

Have you ever been "booed" this way? Have you ever "booed" someone else? Share the deets!

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