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Running For My Life


At the beginning of 2013, I resolved (among other things) to start the Couch-to-5K Running Plan. I kept having 57 "good" reasons why not to start yet... until this past Sunday, when I ran out of reasons not to run.

And so, I ran, Week One Day One.

I fell, hard, on my side that night while dancing sillishly around the living room, so I took Monday and Tuesday nights off.

And tonight, I ran again. 

Week One, Day Two complete. 

I'm going to keep it up and run a 5K sometime in 2014, hopefully the Tropical 5K in Miami Beach on February 1st. I can't find where to register - or how much it'll be - so that's not a fer-sure just yet, but that's the one for which I'm aiming!

* * *

When I was born, I had a serious heart defect that required an operation to save my life. My parents, devout Christian Scientists, opted to pray instead of get the surgery. I survived.

Ever since then, my mom's parents treated me with kid gloves whenever I exerted myself in any way, shape or fashion. They freaked out when I ran every night in high school, and when I started roller blading in college, and again when I got my SCUBA certification after graduation. 

(I mean, how can you be a marine biologist without some SCUBA diving, am I right?!)

Grandma and Grandpa are both gone now, but I think they'll be proud of me when I do the 5K next year. They'll probably freak up there, but they'll watch anxiously. And be proud when I finish without having to walk, which I will, by golly.

And you know what? It's not often that I have self-pride, but I think my own chest will be puffed up a little bit after that, too.

It'll be the 5th anniversary of my gastric bypass surgery, and running the 5K is how I plan to mark the occasion. 

I can't wait...