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The Denouement Of A Cerebellar Brain Tumor Saga

Saturday 9: Why Don't We Get Drunk?

Hey folks... I realize I've been absent again, but once more, we are dealing with Hubs' brain situation. He had major surgery on Wednesday, which lasted all day, and I've been back and forth at the hospital since then. I'll post about that shortly, but please please forgive me for being such a bad blahgger and an even worse visit-backer!!

With that said, I'm going to play today. So let's, shall we?


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Saturday 9: Why Don't We Get Drunk?

 Unfamiliar with this week's song? Hear it here.
1)This week's song was once named the favorite love song of Bud Wiser, the godfather to this humble blog. With Valentine's Day coming up, what's your favorite love song?
That's hilarious... Mine is our wedding song (and about eleventy billion others', but so what?), Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight."
2) When this song was first released back in 1973, the "Why don't we get drunk and screw?" refrain was considered shocking. With the explicit sexual content in many of today's songs, it now hardly raises an eyebrow. When is the last time you were shocked? (Not just by a song, by anything at all.)
I was completely shocked - probably not in the way you mean, but stunned out of my gourd nonetheless - a week ago yesterday morning. After 9 months of being told my husband's brain tumor was inoperable, we sought a second opinion from a much more highly qualified neurosurgeon who told us that not only was it operable, but that it MUST be done IMMEDIATELY. Five days later, he spent 13 hours in the operating room having his cerebellum hacked into (if one can carefully "hack"). Cue the tears!
3) Buffett named his first daughter Savannah, presumably after his favorite city. Tell us about your favorite city.
I have a love of travel, so I can't. My favorite Northeastern US city is, of course, and will always be New York (specifically Manhattan). I'm not a big fan of the South, but I adore Charleston, South Carolina. It's completely charming. I haven't spent enough time in the western US to evaluate that; I'm an East Coast girl. I love my home city, Miami, to pieces. Abroad, I think Venice is the coolest, but I'm pretty fond of Nice and Barcelona, too. Hm. Tough question!
4) Mr. Buffett opened a Margaritaville Casino in Atlantic City. Have you ever gambled in Atlantic City? What about Las Vegas?
I have been to Atlantic City numerous times as a kid wih my grandparents. Grandma LOVED to play the slot at Trump Tower, usually, while Grandpa and I - and my sister, if she was with us - strolled the boardwalk and took in a show. We always got salt water taffy. I still have my playbook from A Chorus Line there. I haven't visted AC as an adult.
As for Vegas, I went there for a week or so  --  coincidentally when my Grandmother died and I therefore couldn't make it to say goodbye or go to her funeral -- with my quadriplegic friend, Marc. I was his nurse, so I had to stick by him all the time. He did let me go toss $20 or so into the Treasure Island coffers at one point, though. I had no clue how to play Texas Hold'Em at the time!
5) Saving Florida's manatees is a cause near and dear to Jimmy Buffett's heart. If we were to make a $100 contribution to any charity in your honor, which would you choose?
I'd split it four ways among diabetes research (for my mother), an environmental group, an animal rights group, and Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome research (for my son).
6) If today was your birthday, your astrological sign would be Aquarius. How often do you check your horoscope?
I don't really check it, but I do listen when my morning radio program tells what the daily Virgo 'scope is. I'm a true Virgo, and it's usually pretty accurate... but I hardly live by it or anything.
7) On this date in 1974, the show Good Times ("Dy-no-mite!") premiered and, much to Sam's confusion and chagrin, still enjoys an audience in syndication. Tell us about a pop culture phenomenon that you just never got into.
First of all, I wasn't alive when that show opened, so ha! Sorry, I'm feeling old lately, so that had to be said. ;) As for me, I could never understand the appeal of Jennifer Lopez. J.Lo may be gorgeous and a good singer, but her acting is only so-so, and I can't stand her singing.
8) Is there a home improvement project on your list of things to do?
What's with that segue?
Mainly, I need to organize, organize, organize! We still haven't finished unpacking, and we've lived here over 10 months!! Of course, with Hubs being largely out of commission during that timeframe, I have a bit of an excuse... but not much!
9) A warm-weather choice to consider on a February day: Ice cream sundae or banana split?
Neither, because even the thought of ice cream turns my stomach anymore. Here's what I'm craving right now: A slice of whole grain toast, topped with vegan cheddar "cheese" and avocado slices, drizzled with fresh lemon juice. Yum!
Thanks for stopping by. Please keep Rob (Hubs) in your thoughts and prayers. He's doing well, but we have a long row to hoe.