Redemption Sunday
Sunday Stealing: The 17 Meme

Saturday 9: Copacabana

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Unfamiliar with this week's song? Hear it here

1) This song refers to the merengue and the cha-cha. Are you a good dancer?

You know, I don't really know anymore. I rarely do it in public anymore. I can dance the basics of the merengue, and I took lessons and danced under some well-known choreographers in New York City years ago... but I've lost my confidence.

2) Dances like the merengue and cha-cha are featured on Dancing with the Stars. Are you a loyal DWTS viewer? 

I used to love to watch it, when we had tv service, but we don't have it anymore. So, no.

3) The Copa girl in the song, Lola, wears yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there. If we were going to the clubs tonight, what would you wear? 

I'd probably wear something comfortable yet sexy. Something like a mini dress with a low cut top. I don't know, really. I haven't been to the clubs in ages!

4) The real Copacabana nightclub was on East 60th Street in New York. It was used as a setting for the movie Goodfellas. Do you have a favorite mobster movie?  

Nah, it's not really my genre.

5) Our featured artist, Barry Manilow, has unfortunately spent a great deal of this young century in the hospital -- broken nose, face lift, chest pains and two hip surgeries. Tell us about your most recent trip to the doctor, ER, or dentist.

For myself, instead of Hubs who's at the hospital have the time nowadays, it was about a month and a half ago when I sprained my ankle. The nurse poorly wrapped my ankle after doing x-rays and stuff, and I had to buy my own crutches because they didn't have any short enough for me. (!!) I took them back a day later because they were killing my arms. Hated that nonsense. The foot is fine now.

6) Manilow told US Magazine that he enjoys nude sunbathing. Have you ever skinny dipped or sunbathed au naturel?

Sunbathed, no, I don't think so, even in Europe where it was commonplace. But sure, I've done my fair share of skinny dipping! Mostly as a teenage girl in my own backyard pool. With my sisters. Not terribly exciting...

7) Before he became famous as a performer, Manilow was a very successful jingle writer. "Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there …" and "You deserve a break today at McDonald's …" were his. Tell us about a TV commercial you saw recently.

I don't watch TV so I don't know, but maybe the ads on Viggle are similar. There's this one for Crest white strips where two girls compare the name brand with an off-brand. I don't care much for the commercial, but I like the voice of the off-brand girl. 

8) The Manilow faithful are known as Fanilows and proudly wear Barry hoodies, wristwatches and even dog tags. Do you have any clothes that feature a recording artist?

No. I'm not twelve.

9) In 2005, Manilow refused to respond when Larry King inquired about his sexuality. Do you think it's rude for interviewers to ask personal questions? Or is it something a performer should expect because it goes with the job?

I definitely think they should expect it, but refusing to answer is certainly their prerogative. It certainly raises eybrows though, doesn't it?!