Girl, Interrupted
Saturday 9: Stuck On You

Off The Cuff

Just a little poetry that wanted to squeak out of me tonight. It's not great - it's a little too Dr. Seuss-y for my tastes - but I don't want to work on it any further:



I beg your pardon?

Don’t think you saw me there,

With the sad, brown eyes,

And the raspberry hair.

We had a connection

At least for a while

You sat down beside me

And gave me a smile.

You must not have noticed

The way that I cried

When you abruptly stood up.

You took it in stride.

My mind isn’t strong:

The memory’s hazy,

But you saw right through me

Like you knew I was crazy.

I’m sorry I’m weak.

I’m sorry it shows.

I’m sorry it hurts.

I’m sorry. Just go.

But let it be known:

I’m funny, I’m smart,

I’m cuter than cute,

And that’s just a start.

I love from the bottom

All the way to the top.

I feel everything you do,

But I never stop.

Yes, it hurts;

Yes, I cry.

But when you leave,

Ne’er will I.

I’ll always adore you,

Some way, somehow.

Now ask yourself this:

Who’s sorry now?