Carpe Diem Natalem
Apr 20, 2014

Sunday Stealing: The Easter Meme

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The Easter Meme

{From the now-defunct blog of Tense Teacher}

What are your Easter traditions? 


Well, most importantly, we go to church and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Yup, we're one of those families. 

We also do the fun stuff, but it takes a distant backseat to what is, to us, the central reason for celebration.

Do you hard-boil and decorate eggs? 

I love dying eggs!

 I aspire to try and do something new and different (for Team Odette, that is) every year. I haven't decided on this year's method yet. The ones above were from five years ago; I found them on Google Images. I'm famous, y'all.

How do you decorate your home for Easter? 


I'm supposed to do what, now?


Do you make/buy special outfits for yourself and your kids on Easter? 


That was two years ago, so yeah, we normally do. However, we had just moved here before Easter 2013, and the occasion just kinda snuck up on me this year too,... so not always, I guess?

What is your favorite Easter dish?


Well, I was going to put up a picture of an earless chocolate bunny, because DUH! but then I scrolled down and found this gem of a ... oh, good hell, what is it?!!! I have completely lost my appetite now, and I already haven't eaten since sometime on Thursday!

When did you learn the truth about the Easter Bunny? 

It must have been pretty early on, because I don't even remember. I clearly remember when I found out about Santa, though. My kids learned early, too. I didn't want to foster that kind of fictionalization of some really important concepts, ya know? Call me a mean mom...

Do you spend Easter at home, on vacation, or with family? 


It's pretty much always just the five of us at home.

First one up on Easter morning? 

Come on, you knew that was coming, amiright? 

Go to mass or church? 


I'm not Catholic, but yeah. We'll be there.

What are your favorite Easter hymns and/or choir arrangements? 


I don't really have a favorite Easter verse.

How many Easter egg hunts does your family usually participate in? 


Maybe one, if that.

Do you make deviled eggs out of leftover Easter eggs? 


I'm looking forward to it!

Are you tired of eggs by the end of the Easter Season? 


Yah, you betcha!

Are Peeps good or gross? 


I'm really not a fan of the Marshmallow Peep, and furthermore, I have always hated jellybeans. Just blargh.

What company makes the best chocolate for Easter time? 


Lindt - no contest!

Lots of candy or not? 


For about the dozenth year in a row, I think I went a wee bit overboard... :-\

What is your favorite Easter candy? 


These things are the bomb-diggity. I could eat - and then hurl - my weight in them. I abstained completely this year, 'cause my 20th reunion is coming up!

Do you find plastic Easter grass hidden in places for months after Easter is over? 


Still finding it by the time the next Easter rolls around!

What’s your favorite color for fake grass?


Green! Everything else is just... weird.

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