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Girly Girls And Other Stuff


It seems kind of silly to start a post about being girly with a bowl of food glop, but hey, I like to go in chronological order of the pictures as much as possible, so deal.

Thursday, I got back in the kitchen after spending some time away from it, to mix up this "Green Power Dip." I'd seen the recipe in Prevention magazine, and I adapted it to fit what I had in the refrigerator. Right into the food processor, zip zip, went half an avocado, juice from half a fresh lime, and more green stuff I can no longer remember. It was rilly, rilly good. (Oh, a bunch of fresh parsley went in, I recall now.)

For the second batch - because all FIVE of us (yes! even picky Jack!) wolfed the first batch right down - I changed things up to fit my taste buds. I threw in a whole avocado, sure, and the juice from the other half of the lime (along with plenty of pulp, because pulp is yummo and fiber-y). I added a hunk of cheddar cheese and some canned, diced tomatoes, and I forget if I added anything else. Now that whip-up was oh, so good. Delishamus. We all agreed it was far better, if less "Power Dippy" than the first batch. Seriously good. Try it.


A selfie - an ussie, maybe? - with my kiddos. We did a lot of math that day, and a bunch of writing, and generally got a bunch of good schoolin' in. Days like this make me think we will stay in homeschooling next year, so now I'm completely on the fence. I think, if I can swing it into the budget to join the Y and get the kids really involved with activities outside the house, to be more physically active and more social with kids their own ages, then we may... just... continue...!


Sophia wanted her hair braided after we finished up school for the day, and I wanted to try my hand at a fishtail, so this was our first attempt. Not perfect, but I've done it several times now and am getting the hang of it.


Far from being a girly-girl, or any kind of girl, Jack gets a mention in this post because he asked me to cut the hair over his ears. It was really bothering him. Of course, I wasn't going to leave it at that, so I started hacking away with my good shears, and then I cleaned him up with Rob's clippers. Not half bad, I guess. Not bad at all for FREE, amiright?!


I'm not a shoe person, and definitely not a heels person, but I'm including these $2-grand shoes in this post because I saw them and instantly drooled. Like, literally, the spit escaped from my mouth and onto the magazine page. Are they not... the BOMB?!


Chloë wanted a fishtail braid like her sister's, too, but her super-curly hair isn't conducive to fishtailing. It's better for straight or wavy hair, but not good for ringlets like she has. (BOING!) So, I had her hang her head upside-down and French braided it that-a-way. The bun on top was just to keep the ponytail I topped it off with out of the way for the picture, else it woulda just been silly. She was happy, so I was happy.


Once school was over for the day, except for Jack who was still writing, the girls and I decided to tap into our truly girly sides and go full-on makeup. I don't mind if they play, but I insist on doing it myself it they're going to use my good JAFRA makeup. Of which I have a ton, as you can see. What can I say, it's an excellent product line, and even this sometime-hippie chick likes to glam up now and then!


I did 12½-year-old Chloë first. Oh, my gosh. Ordinarily, I wouldn't find it hard to admit I think she's the most beautiful creature on the planet, but holy smokes! She was stunning. Just stunning. If she weren't so itsy-bitsy-teeny-tiny, maybe she could've passed for much older than twelve?! I don't know, because she is so diminutive, and right now I'm kinda thankful for that.


Sophia is the one who really surprised me, though. She's only 9 years old, but here? Well, she still looks nine, but to me, she's also a stunner. I don't think of her as classically pretty, but she is absolutely beautiful in my book. She's not sad or angry here; I told her to just try and look expressionless so you could see her face for what it is. When she smiles or does anything else, it changes her eyes, and they didn't photograph well. She loved the look, actually!


After that, we took another "ussie" for fun, just the three of us chicky-babies. Apparently not a good hair day for me...


I can't remember what website it was off the top of my head, but I'd gotten a heads-up about an awesome deal on dresses from Collin over at Hip2Save. I scored six new dresses - my latest fashion obsession, if ever I had one - for less than $25, including shipping! Nice. Chloë wanted me to try them on, so I totes vamped it up for her in a couple of them. Here's one. Apparently I look okay? I think I look chubby here, but my Facebook friends seemed to think otherwise. You decide.


Here's another one, wherein I reveal myself for the pale creature I truly am. I'm not sure how I feel about (how I look in) this one. Thoughts?


After that, it was time to take off the ladies' makeup and return them to the little girls they really still are. Fresh-faced and still beauties!


So that was Thursday. Friday, I felt unwell all day and curled up in bed in the fetal position until well after dark. Saturday, we went and gave out begonias or some such to people with our church folks, and that was a great deal of fun. Even grumpy Jack agreed it was. WIN! 

I'm not sure what the fam has planned for our Mother's Day, but I'm hoping it involves the beach after we go to church! Here's hoping. As for the rest of you who are mothers or fill the role as mother, cheers to you!