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Random Twenty

1. Last time you had butterflies in your stomach? 

I had to do three "reveal" mystery shops today, wherein I present myself to the manager of the venue where I'm auditing their location, and though I've done dozens of these, it still makes me a little nervous each time.

2. What was your last alcoholic beverage? 


Friday night, we had some wine from the local winery, Schnebly's, with our organic shrimp orechiette pasta and asparagus. It was an avocado wine and tasted great! The only issue was when Rob got the cork stuck and had to crumble it up IN the wine and then filter it out!

3. Whom can you trust?


Chloë, 12, is proving to be quite a trustworthy almost-teenaged daughter. She's a terrific girl, and I'm super proud of the young woman she's becoming. And Hubs, of course!

4. Where was your first kiss with your current significant other? 


13½ years ago, Hubs stepped off the Greyhound bus from Panama City to meet me where I lived in St. Petersburg, Florida, for the first time. We found each other and smooched up a storm in the parking lot by my car, before heading back to my apartment for more of the same. Woot!

5. Favorite Band?

I'm crushing on Ed Sheeran lately, though he's not really a band. Tough boobies.

6. What is something you've learned about yourself recently? 

My new therapist is full of revelations already, during our lone two visits so far. I declared that I was unlovable, and he asked me, "Do your children love you?" Of course, I know they do, and when I informed him that was a separate case, he said that no, it wasn't. If I was lovable by them, then I was lovable. It was quite an epiphany for me.

7. Do you like anyone?

Dude, I like lots of people, and I'm not 14, so I'm going to pretend you didn't mean it in the "like like" sense!

8. Do you know anyone who is engaged? 

Do these guys count?! Or maybe they've been married by now, I don't know. Other than them, I probably do, but I can't think of anyone specific right at the mo'.

9. What's your favorite number?

From the time I can remember knowing what a number was, it has been 64. I can't think why it was so important to me, but since it's a square (of 8) made up of smaller squares (4s), and I'm mathematically inclined, I tend to want to think I knew something before I knew I knew it!

10. Who was the last person to make you cry?


These three babies, shown at Christmastime 2005, totes made me weep the other day. We were talking about when they go off to college a few years down the road, and each one of them declared that they were going to call me every single day. I was elated, because it means (a) they love me, (b) they want to talk to me every day even when they're grown and out of the house, and (c) they LOVE me! (Lady Redundant Woman here.) When I went to college, I got away from the 'rents as far as possible and couldn't get there fast enough, so this is a new feeling for me. I was so happy!

11. Did you ever go to camp as a kid? 

Sister and I were shipped off to church camp a month or two after our mom suddenly died, and we were put in separate cabins. It was terrifying for me; I felt so alone and abandoned. I peed my bed every night, and I was not typically a bedwetter. NOT a happy experience for me.

12. When was the last time you cried? 


I have no idea why I took a selfie crying in November 2012, but I did. Anyway, the last time I cried, really cried, was last Tuesday in therapy. I went through five tissues. I learned quickly, from the first week, not to wear makeup to therapy. My mascara was all over my face!

13. What is one thing you miss about your past? 

I miss Dr. Lisa, my BFF, and lots of other pals. I'm excited to see many of them at my 20th reunion this summer!!

14. What is one thing you've learned about life? 

My motto has long been, "If you want something done right the first time, you gotta do it yourself!"

15. Are you jealous of anyone? 

I'm jealous of women who look hot in a bikini. To wear a bikini myself will require several thousand dollars' worth of plastic surgery. Post-200lb weight loss, I'm gonna need a full body lift to remove all my saggy, baggy skin. Bikini? No. Not yet. Ugh.

16. Is anyone jealous of you?

They shouldn't be. I dunno.

17. Has a friend ever used you?

Yes, I've been used, but maybe I was using them right back, too. 

18. Has anyone recently told you that they like you more than as a friend?

Um, once again, I'm not 14.

19. Who was the last person you drove with? 

Four separate times this weekend, the rest of Team Odette and I drove to Key Largo. Fortunately, it's only about 30 minutes from home, but man, how inconvenient was that?!

20. What are you looking forward to?


We're heading HERE to a resort in Orlando in about 7½ hours. The kids haven't slept a wink, they're so excited! Neither have I. I can't wait for a week of R&R!

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