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Saturday 9: Walk This Way

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1) This song is about a young man who takes advantage of his "big chance at a high school dance." Share a memory from your high school years. 
My 20th reunion is coming up in NY this summer. We're going. Am I that old?!  Let's see... I can sing okay, but I suck at sight reading music. My BFF, Dr. Lisa, convinced me to try out with her to sing at our graduation. She was insistent, so, without any practice, I got up there (really brave for me!) and sang with her at the auditions. We were singing a capella, and she kept tapping a note on the piano to bring me back to the melody. (I was a Soprano; she was an Alto.) I completely blew it, but thankfully, I didn't ruin her chances, and she got to sing.

2) Lead singer Steven Tyler is the son of a working mother (mom Susan was a secretary). Did your mother work outside the home?
She did for the last couple years of her life, but honestly, I don't really remember that. I don't remember her being gone; I just remember the moments she was home.
3) Onstage, Tyler takes colorful scarves from around his neck and drapes them over the microphone. Do you accessorize your outfits with scarves and belts? Or do you prefer to keep things simple? 
I hate belts, but maybe I'll wear them if I ever get the abdominoplasty I so need. I have a bunch of scarves, but I rarely wear them. Except when I cut off all my hair, and then I used them to cover my bald head.

4) Tyler confessed to having a massive crush on Jennifer Lopez, his fellow judge on American Idol. Do you think a coworker has ever had a crush on you? 
Oh, I know it!

5) Aerosmith lead guitarist Joe Perry says seeing The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964 inspired him to go into music. How did you end up in your chosen profession?
I'm a mom now, but in my previous life I was a marine biologist. My whole life, I've been a huge animal lover and have been infatuated with the ocean, so I put them together. When I was in college, I remember one particular lecture cemented my desire to study shark behavior.

6) Perry's hobby, breeding horses, is very lucrative. What are your hobbies?  
Decidedly not very lucrative: I knit. I read. I sing. I rollerblade and ride my bike. I write. Perhaps that last one will prove more fruitful.

7) Aerosmith performed before their biggest-ever TV audience when they played the Super Bowl halftime show in 2001. Are you a football fan? If so, do you prefer college football or the NFL? What teams do you root for?

I'm not a humongous fan of football, but I do root for my UM Hurricanes.
 8) Now that we're into summer, the days are longer. When is the last time you watched the sun set?  
Yesterday. It was a glorious finish to a wonderful day with my family: We had a traveling lunch-into-dinner up in Fort Lauderdale, for my work, and it was really fun. When we got home, we sat outside and hung out on the sidewalk. I loved every minute of it, except for getting bitten on the boob by a fire ant. :\

9) What time did you go to sleep last night?
Early. I think it was about 2130; I know it was before 2200, because that's when I take my bedtime pills, and I didn't take them until I woke up after midnight for a sec.
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