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Saturday 9: Already Gone

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Saturday 9: Already Gone 
(recommended by Diana)

If you're not familiar with today's song, you can hear it here


1) Eagles lead singer Glenn Frey proclaims that he's "feeling strong." How would you describe yourself this fine Saturday?

The opposite: Team Odette got into a bad wreck last night, and I am absolutely aching and clinging to my heating pad tonight. The kids, especially "the baby," were scared half to death but, thank heavens, they are completely fine. Hubs is doing okay; I think I took the brunt of the impact.

2) The song begins with a rumor: "I heard some people talking just the other other day ..." Have you heard anything juicy/interesting lately? Please share!

Um, not really. Eva Mendes is pregnant with Ryan Gosling's baby... for you celeb gossip junkies?? 

3) When "Already Gone" was popular, the news was dominated by Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal. What do you consider today's top news story?

I really wouldn't know. Years ago, at the peak of my anxiety issues, my therapist recommended I avoid the news and gave me a book, The Gift of Fear. I highly recommend it, especially for women, and I have stuck to its (and my therapist's) advice.

4) In the 1970s, Eagles Glenn Frey and Don Henley were at the center of a social circle of very creative people, including singer Linda Ronstadt, singer-songwriter Jackson Browne and actor-comedian Steve Martin. How do you express your creativity?

It varies. I have tried to express it a number of different ways, but mainly I keep going back to my knitting and writing.
5) Even though they broke up in 1980, the Eagles are currently on a reunion tour, and after knowing each other more than 40 years, Frey and Henley still consider each other friends. What quality to do you value most in a friendship? 

Loyalty. I have had some great, great friends who really "got" me and with whom I connected on a deep level, but if they don't have your back, they're not really your friends. I found this out the hard way.

6) Are there any mirrors in the room you're in right now? 

Of course. There's one right in front of me, because I am a vain person.

7) What's the last beverage you drank with ice? 

Right now, I'm drinking Dasani sparkling water on the rocks, and because it's terrible (it tastes like seltzer, which I hate drinking), I've added Dasani Drops in Pink Lemonade to it. Much better.

8) Whole, skim, 2%, half-and-half, almond or soy ... what kind of milk is in your refrigerator right now?

Right now it's 2%. The kids, who love whole milk, haven't complained, to my utmost surprise. The store was out of all but 2% and skim. Sophia, the baby, should probably be on skim or at least 1%, but the other two need every calorie they can get. Trust me, there is no use in trying to buy two different kinds of milk and expecting the kids to drink the "right" one for them.

9) Sam likes to mix sliced almonds into her salad. What do you think makes a good salad? 

Fresh ingredients,a variety of flavors, some crunch... I like a lot of salads, but my favorite is a Caesar with cheese and the best dressing on the planet: Cardini!

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