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Sunday Stealing: Random Questions Meme

Saturday 9: Put A Ring On It

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Saturday 9: Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) (2008)

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1) Are the majority of your friends married or single?

Most of my friends are married with children.

2) Rings are one of the items most frequently pawned. Have you ever visited a pawn shop, either to sell or to buy?

It's on my bucket list; I haven't been yet. (Dang, I have a lot on that list.)

3) Let's say we want to put a ring on it: What's your ring size? 

It's about a six. When we got married, I got a size 8 ring, and I had to stop wearing it when I ballooned up so huge. When I lost all the weight, we had to get it sized down. It's a problem; now my finger swell up a lot when I'm hot, and shrink when I'm cold, so I'm forever taking the dang things off... #TheStruggleIsReal

4) Beyonce does commercials for Pepsi. What's the last beverage you drank?

I'm drinking Diet Coke on the rocks right now.

5) Beyonce also has a clothing line. What are you wearing right now?

I'm wearing one of about six or eight wrap skirts/dresses/tied shirts I got from Key West (though they're made in India of silk) on various trips down to Duval Street over the past 18 months, and a shirt to match. This particular outfit is reminiscent of the sea, in shades of blues and greens (my favorite).

6) Speaking of clothes, Sam was changing hers this morning when she unintentionally flashed her neighbor. She didn't realize he was working along the fence that runs under her bedroom window. Tell us one of your most embarrassing moments.

Oh gosh, I have so many. I am sure it's far from my most embarrassing, but after I had Sophia, our youngest, I had terrible hemmorhoids. I eventually went to the doctor for it, but before that, I went to the store to get some Preparation H or something like that. I told Chloe, our oldest who was 3.5yo at the time, that we had to go get Mommy some "butt medicine." So when we got to the store and I picked it up off the shelf, sure enough, Chloe said loudly enough for plenty of people to hear, "Is that your butt medicine, Mommy??!!!" Yes. Yes, it was. I learned not to tell Chlo everything at home after that...

7)  Rumor has it Beyonce is pregnant again. Coincidentally, Sam needs to check the Babies R Us registry for a shower present. Who will receive the next gift you give?

I love giving gifts! Today is my BFF, Dr. Lisa's birthday. I sent her flowers; she actually got them yesterday and was thrilled. She said it made her day, which in turn made mine.

8) But Sam doesn't actually want to go to the shower and is trying to come up a good excuse. Tell us a time you fibbed you told to get out of doing something.

Let's just say that it's pretty convenient to suffer from frequent migraines when everybody knows it... ;)

9) When did you last go inside the bank and talk to a teller?

In May or June, we got a check that had to be taken to the bank to be cashed. We use USAA, which doesn't really have physical locations, so going to the bank is quite a rarity 'round these parts!

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