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Saturday 9: The Power Of Love

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Saturday 9: The Power of Love (1985)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, Huey explains that you don't need a credit card to find love. What's the last thing you charged? 

Charged? You say that like we have credit cards. (We don't.)

2) This song was written for Back to the Future. At the beginning of the movie, hero Marty McFly traveled around town on his skateboard. Are you good on a skateboard?

Heavens, no. I have never stood on one without holding on desperately to the real owner of the board.

3) Huey sings lead and his backup group is The News. Was the most recent news you heard bad or good?

Good! Very good, actually: I was invited for rock-bottom prices to a happiness seminar on the Mexican Riviera - and we're going, next month! I'm stoked!!

4) Huey's mother, Maria, was born in Poland. Who is the first member of your family to be born in the US of A?

My dad's family was all from the Caribbean island of Saba, and his dad, my grandfather (whom I never got to meet), came here. Pretty cool, IMHO.

5) Brainy Huey got a perfect score on the math portion of the SAT. Did you take the SAT? How did you do?

He did?! I didn't know that. I got a 790 out of 800 on the math portion, so almost perfect, but not quite. And 710/800 on the verbal. Oh wait, that was my GRE for getting into the Ph.D. program... I got a 1300 on the SAT, but I don't remember individual section scores.

6) This song also hit #1 in Australia, where anzac biscuits are popular. To make them (the recipe is here) you need coconut. Do you have any coconut in your home right now?

I don't think so... though I love it. Chocolate coconut patties are my faves!

7) Thinking of dessert, would you rather have cookies, cake, pie, ice cream or frozen yogurt?

None of the above. I'll take authentic Sicilian cannoli instead, please, or in a pinch, Cuban guava and cheese pastelitos.

8) We're definitely into autumn now. What will you remember most about Summer 2014?

My 20th high school reunion happened. That was a pretty great trip.

9) Tell us your superhero name, as determined by the color of your shirt and an item directly to your right. For example, Sam fights crime as The Gold Kleenex Box!

Shimmery Galaxy for me? I'll take it.

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P.S. I was serious about the cannoli. Bring two.