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Random 20

1. Have you had an argument with anyone recently? If so, do you still have issues with that person?


I haven't had any arguments with anyone in a while, which is kind of unusual since I'm the annoying, argumentative type. Woot.

2. Are you talking to anyone while filling this in? How about texting/chatting on Facebook

Sophia's been up for the past hour, keeping me company while I work on my  mystery shop reports and now this. She's been entertaining our new puppy, Paco, and is now playing Minecraft on her Kindle. For some reason, all of our three kids, who love Minecraft, feel the need to tell me every detail of what they're doing in the game. I am not a fan of this, but I play along anyway in an attempt to make them feel like their interests are important to me, too!

3. Have you done something recently that helped someone else, in any way? 

Yeah, I guess: Marcos, who runs Sophia's extraordinary baseball league, is a huge fan of Coke. I'm always lugging my giant "keg" of Diet Coke around from 7-Eleven, and he was super impressed when he first saw it, sharing his love of the brand with me. So I bring him one every time we go to baseball. On Monday, we were headed over for practice, when the sky opened up and a deluge hit. It's a 45-minute drive for us, so I checked my email, and sure enough, practice was canceled. However, I was almost at the ball park and knew Marcos would be there helping out anyway. I dashed out in the rain, gave him his Coke, smiled and left with him going, "What is WRONG with you?!!" Hahaha. I enjoyed that.

4. Who was the last person to pay you a compliment? 

I took my daughter, Chloe, and my son, Jack, to me for mystery shops up to Boca Raton yesterday afternoon and evening. Sophia and Hubs weren't feeling well, so they stayed home. Anyway, the shops were tons of fun, and we had a really good time, just the three of us. Jack, who has been notoriously grumpy since the day he was born, actually admitted to having had fun on the way home. He told me, "You're a fun mom," which I think literally made my heart melt a wee bitty bit.

 5. Is there anything that’s happened in the past month, that you wish you could go back in time and change? 

Absolutely! But it's nothing I did, for once. ;) My great friends, Marc - who has always been like a big brother to me for the nearly-2o years I've known him - and his family are struggling greatly. You can read about parts of their struggle here on this fundraiser I started for them. Their current wheelchair-accesible van is currently nearly inoperable, and the family is really having a hard time and totally stressed out because of it. I wish I could undo this latest step in the struggle for them, I really do.

 6. What colour is your purse/wallet? 

 I wear a black cross-over satchel from my favorite bag band, thirty-one. I have a brown one, too, but it's missing in action since we came back from New York. Goodness knows what I left in it, so I hope it turns up sooner rather than later!

7. What’s the closest item to you that’s black? 

My behemoth of a printer, the HP Officejet Pro 8620 I replaced my old Officejet Pieceocrap with. It's huge and takes up an enormous amount of space, but so far I love it. I just wish I could use it with HP's Instant Ink program, but alas, we can't have everything, can we? 

8. Think about what you looked like 5 years ago. How did you look different, compared to the way you look now? 

I am more than five years, 8 months out from my banded gastric bypass surgery, so I'm not quite as dramatically different-looking than I was six years ago, but I was still quite a bit away from my goal weight. Hopefully, a year from today, I will be looking even better, since a trip to Mexico to have extensive plastic surgery is in the plans for our next tax refund... Hey, when you rapidly shed over 200 lbs, thinks look pretty ghastly in there.

 9. Before Facebook became popular, did you use any other social networking site, like Bebo or Myspace?  

I don't know what a Bebo is. I used to have a MySpace; I wonder if I could still log in. I don't care to try, though.

10. Has someone of the opposite sex ever sung to you? If so, how did you respond to it? 


When I was in my senior year of high school and first two years of college, my then-boyfriend Michael used to sing to me all the time. He wasn't quite as good as he thought he was, and one time I accidentally let out a giggle. He never sung to me again after that.  I rather enjoyed it, even though he was no Bruno Mars.

11. When did you last hug someone of the opposite sex? 


Does hugging this cutie, Paco, our Chihuahua puppy, count? Because if so, I gave him plenty of loving just a few minutes ago. He's a mush; I can't stand how adorable he is! 

 12. Have you ever seen the film Casablanca? Did you like it? 


I often quote lines from the movie when they make little sense to anyone but Hubs and me, since we're on the same wavelength like that. And I'm not a big movie-line-quoter at all. So yeah; I liked it.

13. Do you have a relative whose name begins with ‘L’? Tell me about him/her. 

Other than that ^^^ former stepmother of mine, I can only thing of middle names of relatives with an "L" out front. And that doesn't count, right?!

 14. Are you a secretive person? 

My sister rightfully called me the "Queen of TMI" yesterday, which is my self-appointment nickname. Me? Secretive? Uh, noooo.

 15. When did you last eat? 

I had a piece of leftover Papa Johns' pineapple pizza when I woke up before five this morning. Not much is better than cold pizza for breakfast, says I. 

16. If you were going to buy a present for a special person, what would you generally choose? 

Hubs had one request on our last visit to Key West a week and a half ago: a necklace with a hei matau (above) on it. It's supposed to be a good luck charm for fishermen and sailors, he says. Try asking sales people for that when you can neither remember the words nor pronounce them properly when you can. Nevertheless, I actually found one in the traditional bone color he requested at a kiosk on Duval street. SCORE! He was beaming for the rest of the trip.

 17. If I’m going to buy you a box of chocolates, which kind should I definitely NOT get? 

Stay away from anything white "chocolate," because eww. Do you like that crap? I can't relate. My favorite chocolate, which I can never find except in actual Lindt stores to which I rarely go, is Lindor Peanut Butter truffles. Hello, and get in my belly.

 18. Is there something you generally always ask for help with? 

Thank God for my friends Stephanie and Tim, because Tim is a total computer geek who actually likes (or so Steph says) helping me with my billion-and-one computer tech problems. He helped me pick out my new HP Envy, which is awesome, compared to the eMachine Pieceofcrap I replaced. That one is at Best Buy getting wiped for data, and then they can drop-kick the beast off the roof for all I care!

 19. If you had to give up your phone or your computer, which would it be? 


I would hate to give up either one - hey, I love to be constantly connected - but I guess it would have to be my PC, since my awesome, amazing Samsung Galaxy S5 technically can do everything that my PC can do. Except I can't figure out how to print from it, which is my only issue. There's probably an app for that; Tim???

 20. Has anyone called you gorgeous/beautiful today?


It's not even daylight yet, and I've been working on mystery shop reports for two hours. I'm not exactly looking gorgeous yet today. I'll keep you posted on that one! ;P

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