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  [Random Questions] 

Who were you with yesterday?

Hubs and I visited with Marc, in the wheelchair, and his wife Jenna. We brought them a pizza from a mystery shop I had just done, and we chatted for almost two hours. Paco, our new Chihuahua puppy, came along for the ride. Good times with good folks!

 What woke you up this morning?

Nothing. I got up at the crack of 2 PM after suffering through 'til then with an awful migraine. It seems to be on its way out now, finally...

 Where are you?

Down there in Homestead. I'm sitting at my desk with nary a stitch of clothing on. Not a pretty picture; please don't knock on the door right now! ;)

 Is tomorrow going to be a good day?


It should be pretty good, I hope. Teaching the kiddos, a few errands, and baseball practice for Sophia. I've really come to enjoy going to baseball - probably more than she does - because I've become good friends with several of the parents. I look forward to it!

What’s on your mind RIGHT NOW?

GEICO is on my mind right now. Hubs is talking to them to negotiate our new car insurance, and because of my accident in July, it's not going to be a great quote. Gah.

Do you listen to music every day?

Every. Single. Day.

 Are you a fast typer?

Typing alone Funny pictures

I am, but like in the comic, I get nervous when people are watching me! I'm normally about 70+WPM.

 Whats your favorite type of soda?

You know, I used to visit the nearby 7-Eleven about eight times a day to fill up my giant keg with Diet Coke or Diet Mt. Dew, but they messed it up, and I won't go there anymore: They put regular Mt. Dew in the Diet (hello, have they never heard of diabetics and the rest of us who can't have real sugar?!!?), and I got super sick. And they put Coke Zero in with the Diet Coke, which tastes like absolute badness. From now on, I'll just buy it in cans and bottles like regular folk. Bah.

Have you ever won an award?

I should get this one; I never answer my phone and am hard to pin down. Heh. But yes, I have. I've mentioned it here before; my favorite award was for Class Giggler in 3rd Grade. I think I still have the certificate!

 Are you listening to music right now?

Nope, because between Hubs' "shh-shhing" everyone while he's on the phone with GEICO, and my migraine, I dare not.

 How long ’till your birthday?

A LOOONG time. I just turned 38 in September. My birthday is 9/8/76. Don't forget. ;)

 Do you use eBay to buy or sell?

Occasionally, but not on the regular or anything. I do both - buy & sell.

 Who makes you mad?

Slow drivers, especially: (1) Those who take eighty years to make that right turn in front of me, (2) Those driving 15 MPH under the speed limit, and (3) Those driving 15 MPH under the speed limit in the LEFT LANE on the highway. GAH!!! (No road rage here, nope!)

 What do you do when you’re mad?

I have a foul mouth. I say a lot of bad words. I'm trying to quit... kinda.

 Do certain songs make you cry?

It takes a LOT to make me cry. My meds for bipolar disorder usually take away that ability. It has to be something pretty epic.

 Are you usually a happy person?

I was born quite happy, yes. My dad's nickname for me as a kid was "Joyous." But now... when I'm manic, sure. I'm jolly then.

 What makes you the happiest?

My family makes me happiest, particularly when they're enjoying themselves. And giving. I love to give. It gives me true joy.

 Do you believe in yourself?


No, not really. It's not my strong suit. :\


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