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Kiwi Crate Crafts, Part Deux

Wordless Wednesday: Kiwi Crate Crafts

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My kiddos LOVE getting Kiwi Crate projects in the mail. We don't do it regularly anymore, but I got a great deal on some crates, so I bought two for each child. Last night, I got the inevitable "I'm bored" from Sophia, so though I had intended them for Advent activities, I decided to let them each do one. Sophia chose her rainforest crate.


Each crate came with a magazine for extra expansion activities on the topic, and Sophie got started by reading about hers. I could tell she was getting excited to start creating!


Jack came over and wanted to know what we were doing, so I let him pick: he chose the Robot crate.


Chloe (I got a new keyboard and can't figure out how to put the dots over her "e" yet, argh!) wandered over, finally, and decided to get busy on a craft of her own. She chose the Camping crate.


Sophia's Rainforest crate came with a rainstick-making activity, which she loved! I thought she did a great job, and it worked really well.


The crate also came with a frog-launching game, and she built it really well. Her frogs landed right where they were supposed to, in the "pond." Fun!


Chloe's crate came with a camfire-building activity that really lit up. I thought she did a great job, and though the crate was a little young for her, she enjoyed the activity. There was a backpack sunprint activity in the kit, too, but we'll have to do that during sunny hours of course!


Jack's Robot crate was really right up his alley, and you can tell from his look of concentration that he enjoyed it (which is saying quite a lot, if you know this selective kid). I made a video of his paper robot, powered by a wind-up toy, which you can see if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook. Here, his magnetic robot game moves the robot around a maze with, obviously, the power of robots. I could hear him playing with both of these in his room, after we cleaned up the crafts from the living room. Pretty cool!

If you like these and want to check out Kiwi Crate, here's my referral link for $10 off your first order. They have tons more crates available for all ages, and my kids have always enjoyed them. (Note: this post was not compensated; I just wanted to share and get back in the blogosphere game!)

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