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Wordless Wednesday: Paco, 4 Months

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This little guy, who we've named Paco in recognition of his Mexican descent, joined our family on September 11th at 12 weeks old. He's now about 17 weeks, and aside from having a hard time moving from the puppy pads on which he was originally trained to going potty outside, he's absolutely darling. 


He's 4.2 lbs now, but he was a pound lighter when we got him, so he's really chunking up! No, he's not fat at all, I kid. He's actually growing, though he's still so impossibly tiny. He LOVES to play, both with his people and with Pepper:


Pepper, for his part just puts up with Paco to the extreme. He bats back at him, which is hilarious, and then he just trots away when he's had enough. 

I've been wanting a Chihuahua puppy for some 35 years, and Rob let me get him for my 38th birthday. I adore him... and while it's clear he loves me, too, he's chosen Rob as his person. They're two peas in a pod!

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