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Saturday 9: Paint It Black

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Saturday 9: Paint It Black (1966)
Not familiar with this week's song? Hear it here.

1) This song was chosen because yesterday was Black Friday, the traditional day of sales. Have you begun your Christmas shopping? 

I have... months ago. I pick up deals and store them in my gift closet as we go through the year, crossing my fingers that the same things will matter by Christmas that mattered when I picked them up!

2) Are there any Thanksgiving leftovers in your refrigerator right now? 

Just a few. Pfft. I couldn't squeeze a grape in there if I tried! 

3) AAA says Thanksgiving is a big travel weekend. Did you venture far from home for your holiday dinner?  

No, but we hosted my dad and Victoria (my additional homeschool student), and I took pumpkin pie to Victoria's mom, who was in the hospital having a sweet baby girl:


and we also took a plate of dinner and apple pie to our neighborhood gate guard, Rodney.

4) Keith Richards likes France but, alas, the French authorities haven't always been fond of him and his criminal record. Have you ever been to France?  

Yes, I've been to Nice and Eze. We went as part of the '08 European cruise I'm forever mentioning (you can read more about it here). What can I say, it was the trip of a lifetime for me!

5) Mick Jagger jokes that, to be polite to fellow hotel guests, he always finishes trashing his room by 10:00 PM. What kind of hotel/motel guest are you? Are you rockstar rambunctious, or are you quiet? Are you neat? Have you stolen any towels, bathrobes, etc.?  

It depends whether it's just me (and the Hubs) or if the kids are joining us. I'm neat and hate to trash the place, but my kids adore staying in hotels and get a little rambunctious themselves. I don't think I've ever stolen anything - even extra toiletries off the housekeeping cart! I always ask first.

6) Mick Jagger got his financial savvy as a student at the London School of Economics. Are you good with money?

I try to be, but I tend to be a spender, rather than a saver. :\ 

7) In the early 1990s, a then little-known actress named Angelina Jolie appeared in a Rolling Stones video ("Anybody Seen My Baby?"). Name an Angelina Jolie movie.

My favorite: Maleficent, which touched my 9-year-old (rather stoic, normally) daughter, Sophia, so much that she cried for an hour after it ended.

8) In the early 1960s, the Stones nearly avoided tragedy when their tour bus skidded off a bridge. Tell us about a near miss you're thankful for. 

Hmm. Well, yesterday, our Chihuahua puppy, Paco, nearly ran into a car that zoomed by. Instead, he got scared and turned tail at the last minute. I keep reliving that moment a little bit in my head today, because a cherished German Shepherd puppy of mine, Charoki, did get killed by a car when I was in graduate school. I am so thankful I did not have to experience that again!


9) In 1966, when this week's song was popular, CBS telecast How the Grinch Stole Christmas for the first time. What's your favorite Dr. Seuss story?

I think it would be The Lorax, with its wonderful environmentalist message.

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