saturday 9: All About That Bass
Mayan Riviera Vacay

Sunday Stealing: Taking Stock Meme

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Taking Stock Meme 

Stolen from: The Blake Collection



Plans for the current week


Nothing today; we picked up the kids after a long, arduous day, from Fort Lauderdale, and everyone has been munching and snacking on their own since then. Well, before they went to bed...


Drinking entirely too much caffeine today, but in this case, it's Diet Mt. Dew instead of coffee...


My approximately 1,000 emails delivered during our sojourn in Mexico, trying to prioritize what must be read and what can be trashed...


This anxiety to go away - the panic attacks exacerbated by the over-caffeination, I'm sure, but nevertheless, I'll not stop drinking it...


for crafts the kids and I can do before Thanksgiving next Thursday, to decorate the home and set the tone


time doing rather silly, mundane things instead of readying this house for company tomorrow, all week, and especially my neatnik dad next week. Eek!!


... for that elusive money tree...


The incessant chattering of Chloe, who is still up, helping me with a few chores... she's delightful!


... for the anxiety attack to wear off!



The photos of the spider monkey photo shoot I had yesterday in Playa del Carmen, Mexico


How big a turkey to buy tomorrow, given that I don't know how may people will be joining us yet..!



Taking advantage of the freedom to educate our kids at home, so that I can spend every precious moment possible with our brood <3


"Lonely No More" by Rob Thomas of MB20


sleepy time...but miles to go before I sleep tonight. If at all...



Paco's farts. They, um, reek.


I'm wearing a turquoise skirt and a teal top. I don't exactly match. I don't exactly care.


The Amanda Bynes story... I sympathize with her SO much, and I wish nothing but the best for her and her family. So sad.


that my clonazepam, aka Klonopin, is doing the trick.... helped by some slow and steady breathing. 


^^ Pretty much that ^^


... that I should sup on more than just a handful of Triscuits tonight. But I probably won't. We'll see.


Overwhelmed by everything I need to accomplish over the next 10 days or so! Trying to remember not to eat the whole elephant...


Numerous recipes from the November 2014 issue of Martha Stewart Living, wherein I have found numerous delicious-looking recipes I want to make this year!



all the souvenirs and trinkets I picked up for the Odette babies from Playa del Carmen last week, for show and tell. Fun times! Stay tuned for more on that trip!


When we arrived home from the airport yesterday, my son's cat, Muffin, had strung my yarn from top to bottom, front to back, over and under everything around the house. It was a wool-fiber obstacle course just to get IN. Thankfully it was the least important yarn in my stash, so I was able to laugh about it. Otherwise... she would have been up a creek without a paddle!!

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