Saturday 9: Welcome To My Nightmare
Halloween 2014

Sunday Stealing: The Music Meme

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The Music Meme 

1. Which bands/artist do you own the most albums by? 

Eric Clapton is my man!

Unless we count my daughter's albums, in which case it would have to be Taylor Swift. She's a Chloe is a huge fan.

Or The Grateful Dead, if we're including Hubs in this, too...

2. What was the last song you listened to? 

My kids are watching some horrendously annoying movie right now, so I've got the ol' earbuds in. Michael Jackson is currently crooning about Pretty Young Things in my ear.

 3. What’s in your CD player right now? 

Taylor's new album, 1989is currently in the car player. I got it for Chloe.
 4. What was the last show you attended? 
My awesome friend Shana took me to see her hubby's band, The Hollow Bodies, play at a country bar. That was when we were up in New York and no, I did not ride the mechanical bull.

 5. What was the greatest show you’ve ever been to? 
The Blue Man Group concert was pretty freaking off the chain, as the kids say... or do they still say that? I'm old now, you know.

 6. What’s the worst show you’ve ever been to? 
Sorry Robert Zimmermann, but when you played in concert, not only could *I* not understand you, but even Hubs - who knows every word to every one of your songs - couldn't either. It was a let-down.

 7. What’s the most musically involved you have ever been? 
I was in choir all through school and now I sing along really well to the radio... I used to play the organ, but I never got anywhere near as good as my mom, whom I was emulating, because I suck at reading music.

 8. What show are you looking forward to? 
I don't have anything in the works.

 9. What is your favorite band shirt? 
I never bought a t-shirt for a band, ever. Not my thing.

 10. What musician would you like to hang out with for a day? 

Meghan Trainor, if only to tell her how very misguided she was in "All About That Bass," and then to school her with a careful listen to this.
11. Who is one musician or group you wish would make a comeback? 
Since Whitney can't come back, I'd love to hear Madonna return to her 80s style.
Her more modern stuff just doesn't interest me.

 12. Who is one band/artist you’ve never seen live but always wanted to?
 Call me lame or whatever, but I think I would really enjoy seeing Kelly Clarkson live.

 13. What was your last musical “phase” before you wisened up? 
From 1994-1997, I listened to predominantly "black" music, which was cool but then I moved and couldn't find any applicable station, so I went back to my old standby of Top 40 stations. And I thought Boy Band music was cool. Umm... I got     educated by my friend Melisa that it was not considered such, PDQ!

 14. How many music related videos/DVDs do you own? 
Does "none" count? Okay, none. It's 2014. I don't own any videos except the Disney ones my MIL bequeathed unto the children.

 15. How many concerts/shows have you been to, total? 
Not too many, really. I like to go, but it's not something I really like to spend money on, so maybe ... six?

 16. What’s your “guilty pleasure” that you hate to admit to liking? 
I like that new song by Nick Jonas, "Jealous." I didn't like it at first, but People mag says it's good, and behold, it grew on me overnight. Heh. Power of suggestion, much??

 17. What is your favourite movie soundtrack? 
It's a tie between these two.
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