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Bzz, Bzz: Sara Lee® Pound Cake

Recently, BzzAgent selected Team Odette to try Sara Lee® Pound Cake for free, which of course was exciting because DESSERT IS YUMMY, y'all.

{I was technically supposed to redeem my free product coupon at Kroger, but since I couldn't find one nearby, I used it at Publix around the corner. Hopefully, that was all right...!}

Because, at the time, I was homeschooling four kiddos (we're back down now to our own three chirpies), I had to give them some incentive to get their work finished that day: Sara Lee® Pound Cake to the rescue!

Sara Lee Pound Cake

I served slices of the cake with homemade whipped cream and fresh raspberries and strawberries. Rob, Chloë, Jack, Sophia, and Victoria were smitten kittens when they saw the Fiestaware coming their ways with that onboard, you guys.

We all found the Sara Lee® Pound Cake loaf (which also comes in slices!) delicious, and I'll probably use it again soon... maybe for Christmas or New Year's Eve?

Thanks for the scrumptious treat, Sara Lee® and BzzAgent!