Sunday Stealing: 2014-2015 Meme, Part The First
Saturday 9: Dancing With Myself

The Ballerina In A Blue House

Blue ballerina

When I was about four years old, my mother gave me this mostly-blue jewelry box. I thought it was the most special thing, and I adored it.

After she died, when I was seven, I would wind the music box and play the "Raindrops Are Falling on My Head" song and watch the ballerina twirl, endlessly, for hours upon hours.

The box started to fall apart during my many moves back and forth to college dorm rooms, and in years after that. But I still cherished it.

A couple years ago, when Sophia was seven, I decided to pass the box on to her. She needed one for her treasures, and I thought I had outgrown it.

Well, Sophia... is not the most careful child ever. Also, she's very active in her wakefulness, and even when she's asleep. Love that child to death, but if she's not creatively and constructively involved in something, she tends to default to destructive behavior. It's not intentional, or malicious, and she's outgrown it a bit now at nearly ten, but it's still a salient characteristic of hers.

So, that box was utterly destroyed. I tried to pretend - to myself and to her - that it was just a "thing" and that things don't matter.

But, sometimes, they kind of do, you know?

I've tried hunting all over the Interwebs for even just a photograph of that box. They don't seem to ever have existed, based on the search results. Nothing on eBay, nothing on Google Images, nothing anywhere...

Except the picture at the top of this post. I don't really want to replace the jewelry box. I just want a photo of it. Guess I'll need to hunt through my billions of photographs to see if there is a glimpse of it in any of those.

And now I'll go throughout my day with "Raindrops" going through my head...