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2015 JAFRA National Conference - Orlando


I've mentioned a few times now that we went up to the Orlando area this past few days so that I could attend the 2015 JAFRA National Conference. There, many new things were revealed to us, and it was fabulous and exciting in so many ways! The logo above ("JAFRA" is really in purple, but it didn't Instaphoto well), in our new colors and proprietary fonts, was among them. This sign was actually on the ground in several places throughout the property where the conference was held.


The conference was held at Orlando's LOEWS Royal Pacific Resort near Universal. After Rob, who drove me there from our Kissimmee hotel on Friday morning, dropped me off, I walked from the valet area to the lobby. This was the first view I had of the Royal Pacific. I think I literally said out loud, "Wow, we should have stayed here!"


Stepping into the lobby, I found several different displays of parasols in an Oriental style. There were gift shops in the sprawling lobby as well as an abundance of other candy. It was truly beautiful. I couldn't wait to show the children, which I was finally able to do on Sunday before we departed for Homestead.


Elephants are my favorite land animal, so of course I had to photograph the beautiful fountain full of them out in the lobby center. The pictures just don't do this hotel justice. It was a sight to behold.


JAFRA really went all out in decorating our area of the conference center for this event. There was signage, there were banners, there were ... ahh. Parts of it were truly breathtaking. Unfortunately, I left my Nikon's SD card back at our hotel on Friday and some of the displays were only available that day, so I missed out on a lot of potential.


The first exciting workshop I entered was about our new online platforms. It was awesome and contained lots of information about our ability to reach various social media audiences, often at the click of a button. For instance, you can now shop online with me right on my JAFRA Facebook page, pay for your order, and have it shipped directly to you. This is wonderful because, until now, my clients had to wait for me to place their orders, receive them, ship them out myself, and risk damage. I am loving this!

If you'd like, you can also sign up for my JAFRA newsletter here, or you can read my JAFRA blog here!

New Products

In my next workshop, I learned so much about new products that will be revealed - soon! We took a skin age test, and I discovered that my skin age is about the same or maybe a few years younger than my chronological age of 38. Yay, thanks JAFRA!

I gave the skin age test to Hubs later and, since he hasn't really used all the JAFRA products I've given him while dealing with his brain tumor saga, understandably his skin age was about a decade or so older than his real age. But no worries! We have several options to treat that, and now that he's in full-on recovery mode, we're going to get him looking younger and healthier than he has been, too. ;)


We had two professional makeup artists come in next to show us a few tips and demonstrate a day and night look on a couple of Consultants in the audience. One of my favorite tips was that you should air-dry your mascara before each application to prevent clumping. My favorite product, which I wear almost every single day, is our Black Lash Maximizing Mascara. It really makes my eyes pop, but I often glop it up and have to re-do parts of my eyes! I tried drying out the wand for a minute or so before applying mine the next morning, and lo and behold, it worked like a dream! Let me know if you try it.

I also learned that for every night you go to bed without taking off your makeup and cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your face (something I'm often guilty of - 'til now), you age your skin five extra days. Eek! I shared that with my girls that night; Sophie, who is notorious for not wanting to wash her face and hands, asked me immediately to help her with some cleansing and moisturizing. Hee. Of course, I was happy to obliged. (Chloë already uses our teen line of skin care; she has beautiful skin.)


In our Fragrance training, I learned so much more about perfumes, colognes, and such. For instance, you know about those people with the best noses in the world, who can perfectly distinguish scents from a complex mixture? Kinda like musicians with perfect pitch? Well, there are only 31 of these perfumers in the whole world, and JAFRA works with them right along with Christian Dior, Ralph Lauren, Chanel, and all of the other fragrance designers. We use the top three fragrance houses to compose our extensive line of fragrances with the help of these perfumers. I am so impressed by this; I had no idea!

* * *

I learned a lot about Leadership Development that day and Saturday, too. I am super excited about this and want to become a third-level manager by Christmas. I'm looking to build a team of motivated people who want to come right along with me into leadership! Comment below with your email address for more information on this fantastic opportunity, and I'll get right back to you. I'm so stoked!

* * *


Friday night, I arrived at our big Freedom Party a tiny bit late, just as stilt-walkers and other performers were dancing down the center aisle of the huge Pacifica Ballroom. They moved too fast for me to get any great pictures, but I snagged this shot from the big screens showing the action:


Some of the dancers coming down the aisle were dancing with the Consultants, and they were so fun! What an energizing event. I loved it!


A couple of the stilts performers posed for me. I love this snap!


Everyone was wearing purple. I didn't know that I was supposed to wear purple until I checked in at the event - a bone of contention for me - but I happened to be wearing something passably close anyway, so I fit in. Phew!


It was great listening to our Ambassadors - the top-level Consultants in JAFRA - be introduced. I knew a lot of the names already, but some were new to me. One day, maybe I'll be up there...


The lady with the microphone - in the reddest of the dresses - was Vickie Hacking. I've known about Vickie since I joined JAFRA 16 years ago, but I've never had the courage to go meet her. She's amazing, earning an average of $22,000 per month with her business! Nothing to sneeze at, eh?


On Saturday morning, during our General Session for training, I took this picture with my Manager, Priscilla [LEFT] and my District Manager, Martha. Lovely ladies, and I adore Priscilla with all my heart. I hadn't seen her in some 13 years!


Our JAFRA USA President, Paolo Moledo, took the stage again during this session. He's such a character! He wants us all to walk and talk about Jafra with serious swagger, because we deserve to. You may not have heard of our company yet, but you should. Our products are of unbelievably high quality, and our opportunity is amazing. I love, love, love it - and this is THE year to join us!


We were given a great deal of information by our Marketing, Sales, Sponsoring, and other executives, but I really loved listening to our Chief Scientific Officer, Pragna Chakravarti. She's extremely intelligent and has developed a line of skin care for JAFRA that is as good as any you'll find in the top department stores. It is as good as any out there. We even have a line of skin care in which every product contains 24-karat gold! All of our products meet and exceed all of our performance tests, dermatological, allergy, and clinical tests. She has high standards - as do I.

Overall, it was a fun, exciting, and informative event, and I'm so glad I was able to go to my first JAFRA event in well over a decade. This year, 2015, is a great year to be in JAFRA, and I'm so glad to be a part of it. Thanks for stopping by!