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Sunday Stealing: Love Is In The Air Meme

Saturday 9: All Dressed In Love

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Saturday 9: All Dressed in Love (2008)

For Valentine's Day, we need a happy love song. Hear it here.

1) In this song, Jennifer sings, "I look good in love …" What about you? When you're happy, or sad, does it show? Or do you keep an even demeanor, no matter what?

I was told today to try to keep an even keel. I haven't stopped laughing... I'm the most emotional whacknut I've ever met! Yes, it shows.

2) This song played over the closing credits of the hit movie, Sex and the City. When you go to the movies, do you visit the concession stand for popcorn, or a soft drink, or candy?

Usually, I get a gigantimus Diet Coke, and then if I have the money, something for each of the kids and me. Jack and Sophia usually want some nachos, Chloë a hot pretzel, and I'll either just nibble a bite or two of the pretzel or get some mozzarella sticks. Hey, a splurge won't kill me. Hubs rarely gets anything, if he even comes along at all.

3) Think of the last movie you watched at home. Was it a DVD, DVR, streamed or cable presentation?

I think the last movie I watched at home was a DVD of The Hunger Games, and then Catching Fire.

4) Jennifer Hudson got good grades in high school and went away to Langston University in Oklahoma. But she was homesick for her family in Chicago and came home after just one semester. Have you ever been homesick?

When I was a little kid, before my mom died, and my sister and I left NY for a while to visit the grandparents in nearby NJ, I got very homesick. Then, when my mom died, my dad sent us away for camp for two weeks, and they wouldn't let me stay with or hardly even SEE my big sister, and that was just horrendously awful. Then my dad married my evil stepmother, and I never got homesick again. More like, sick of home. :/

5) Jennifer received acclaim for her renditions of "The Star Spangled Banner" at the 2008 Democratic Convention and Super Bowl XLIII. Do you agree with critics who say that our National Anthem is hard to sing? 

The critics are right: it's a difficult song, as any singer will tell you. That doesn't negate its worth.

6) Jennifer is a spokesperson for Weight Watchers and, with diet and exercise, went from a size 18 to a size 6. She says that while she's committed to healthy eating, she still enjoys ice cream occasionally. Do you prefer your ice cream in a cone or a cup?

I can't eat ice cream at all since my drastic bypass, so it's a moot point. It's been six years; before that, I'd eat it straight outta the carton! ;) And really, a size 6? I'd have guessed more like a 2-4. Huh.

7) Her fiancé, Daniel Otunga, is a graduate of Harvard Law School. Harvard is the most famous of the eight "Ivy League" schools. Do you know the other seven?

Hmm, without looking them up, nope Princeton, Yale, Penn, and IDGAF. ;) Back in the day, I wanted to apply to ALL of the Ivy Leaguers just to prove that I could get into them. But then I realized it cost a lot of money to do that, so I gave up that short-lived amusement.

8) With a Grammy and an Oscar, Jennifer Hudson is one of the most successful American Idol contestants. Can you name another singer who appeared on AI?

Clay Aiken, my favorite, and Ruben Studdard, to whom he wrongfully lost. Kim Caldwell. Kelly Clarkson, of course, and Pickler, the country gal whose music I neither know nor care to know. Carrie Underwood, the country gal whose music I DO like, but only when it crosses over into my beloved pop realm. Chris Daughtry, whose music I can not STAND and switch away from every time it comes on the radio. I could think of more, but now I'm boring even me. 

9) Last year, Jennifer nearly bought a brand-new Ferrari because it was so great-looking. At the last moment she backed out of the deal because she doesn't drive enough to warrant such an expensive car. What's the last impulse purchase you either made or resisted?

I'm very impulsive. It'd be easier to think of one I made than of one I resisted, so naturally the latter would be more interesting (at least to me)! Probably something stupid like a doughnut or something else that's not good for me. I have a heck of a sweet tooth and lately I've chubbed up a little, so I am having to resist the urge a helluva lot.

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Welp, that's another one down. So much for blogging during the week. Coming up next: Sunday Stealing!