Saturday 9: All Dressed In Love
The 2015 Miami Boat Show #Workflow

Sunday Stealing: Love Is In The Air Meme


We had a busy weekend, so I'm all late and stuff. If you're later than even I am, link up here to play along!

Love Is In The Air Meme
Stolen from: The Archives

Love, to you. Define love in your own words. 

Well, then! Love is when you care more about the other person's wants, needs, hopes and dreams than your own, even when they don't mesh. True love is when you're willing to share a pizza and pick off his disgusting mushrooms instead of insisting he doesn't order any to begin with. Image result for winky emoji

What do you want in a relationship? 

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I want to be valued, supported, and most crucially, understood. Even when none of those things seems possible.

What do you contribute to a relationship?

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I contribute the zany, wild, crazy antics that no one but Hubs truly appreciates, other than myself and The Littles we created together. And some other cool stuff, I hope...

Do you have a Valentine? 

My funny Valentine... sweet, comic Valentine... {HUBS}

If not, are you happy being single? 

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Describe the perfect Valentine's Day date in your opinion: 

I have no such concept, because of all the "holidays," Valentine's Day is probably the least important to me. I am loved and adored by a flock of gents Hubs every single day, and I don't need a Hallmark occasion to get the goods. And for the love, please don't give me flowers, chocolates, a card, or jewelry to prove your love for me, y'all. (Why? They die, they make me fat, they waste paper, and I've got enough. Plant a tree, take me somewhere cool, make a memory, maybe, but none of that cliché stuff pour moi.)

Dream Date? 

I don't have a singular concept of an amazing date. Simply pay attention to me as much as I pay attention to you, make me laugh out loud a whole bunch, and make it simply unforgettable in every way. One guy did that. We've been married 14+ years.

What is your crush's name? 


Robert Odette, of course... but I know that Paco (our 7-month-old Chihuahua) has a crush on ME, because he's STILL humping my freakin' leg despite just having gotten neutered! :\

Do you believe in love at first sight? 


Absolutely, I do!

This or that:

Chocolates or must pick one! 

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Duh. Chocolate, but I've given it up for the time being. Yep, I even walked away from the 50% off Lindt truffles at CVS an hour ago. I know. I know.   

A short kiss or a big hug? 

The long hug often leads to the short kiss, amiright?!

Cute and dim-witted, or Average and brilliant? 

I'll take brilliant over stoopid every day of the week, thanks!



Intellectual conversation. Insane, raucous laughter (mine) caused by smart, funny joke. Buff arms don't hurt...!


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Nothing ruins a hot guy more than a pack of cigarettes. Top of my list of turn-offs, followed closely by spitting. There are plenty more.

What thing should a guy never say to you? 

There are plenty of things that would make me turn on my heel, but do not call me a "bitch" unless you want me to instantly become one!

How do you feel about kissing on the first date? 

I have no qualms. My last name is not Duggar. ;P

Stay tuned for photos from our visit to the Miami Boat Show yesterday!