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Saturday 9: It's Not Unusual

Our 2015 #DisneySide @Home Celebration




Disclaimer: I received free products in order to host a Disney Side @ Home Celebration, including all those in the photo above. The opinions expressed in this post are, as always, my own.

Wow! What a great #DisneySide @Home Celebration kit I was sent for this year's party by Disney Parks and BSM Media! I received: a Mickey cake pan from Wilton, along with their sprinkles and other Wilton goodies; a huge canister of all Mighty Pacs, Wisk deep clean, and Snuggle fabric softener for helping clean our laundry; all manner of Mickey & Friends tableware for the party, along with more decorations to make things great; HP Photo Paper and envelope kits for all my party guests; Duff cake mixes; Disney Palace Pets toys to give away to party guests; Disney Princesses nail polishes that I put in the goody bags for the girls; game, activity, and recipe ideas; and SO much more!


When the Disney Store online had a killer sale a month or so ago, I snagged up a few prizes for our games, including art sets, stamp kits, desk sets, and more! And when Target.com had its own sale on these tray tables, I bought four! We usually like to eat as a family at the table, but every so often for a movie night or just 'cause, we'll sit in the living room and eat. We have no coffee table, so I thought the tray tables would be the perfect solution for both that and setting up for our #DisneySide party this past Saturday afternoon.


When I got a great deal on Oriental Trading's website, I snagged more girlish goody bags, along with a bunch of treats to go in them in addition to what my @Home Celebration kit contained. I paid mere pennies for a whole lotta awesome!


One of the things I grabbed on Oriental Trading was a Disney Princesses backdrop and decoration kit, and these props were included for photo op purposes. The pretty packages on the right were the HP photo paper gifts.


The wands also came from Oriental Trading, and the little ladies loved those! I also hit The One Spot at Target for the Frozen items in the background. No, I didn't have any particular theme for this year's #DisneySide party; I wanted to go "all Disney, all the way" for our theme!


Funny story: I called up the Parks and Rec office to see if the pavilion at our chosen park was available for our needed date. They said no, it was booked for the entire day, from morning 'til night, by the same party. So... when we arrived at noon, an hour early to set up for our party, and no one was there, I figured they were either finished with it or weren't going to show up at all!

We decorated the entire pavilion with all our amazing décor, and lo and behold, five minutes before our party was due to begin, the "real" party showed up. OOPS!!! And when I instructed Team Odette to move over to the shady tree you see above, the real party mom informed me that they were going to use the whole park and that I couldn't do that. "Too bad!" I shot back. "You don't own the whole park!" And so we moved.

Long story short, I felt bad about my snotty attitude later, and I apologized to the mom and dad, gave them some of our party gifts, invited their kids over to our party, and even exchanged phone numbers with the mom. Sorry, "real party mom"! :\


Our Princess backdrop was a huge hit with a girls. With the boys, er... not so much!


our party set-up


Rob kicked things off by proposing to Cinderella. Hee... he cracks me up.


Chloë, my natural poser, joined the belles at the ball.


Sophia, decidedly not posing!


Jack had lots of fun with the bubbles I picked up for 33¢ apiece at Walgreens! Well, all the kids did, but that was his favorite part, I think.


Kiddos checking out the goodies table


Our party guests and new friends


Fun times at Team Odette's #DisneySide @Home Celebration 2015


After our guests decided on their game prizes, Chloë claimed the Minnie Stamp Set for herself. It's a pretty cool set, but then again, it is made by Disney... right?


Everyone received a goody bag chock-full of fun!


Sophie and another little girl chose the Disney Palace Pets to enjoy; see?



Big smiles all around!


After goody time, we decided to play a last game of Pin the Smile on Mickey. As you can see, the first smile was quite accurate. After that, um...


We forgot something to use for a blindfold, so ingenious Sophia fashioned one out of paper napkins!


My brilliant kid is not so good with the blind-folded aim, eh?


Even Rob got into the fun!


I was playing along, too, but I was terrible at it!


Really, this was a fun take on Pin the Tail on the Donkey. One of our fave games!


Since we were right next to the kiddie playground, and we had lots of punching balloons left (also from Walgreens!), we invited the littles over to have some treats of their own! No one was left out of our #DisneySide @Home Celebration!


The party pavilion guests invited us over, and we invited them over, for a shared party. It was pretty awesome the way everyone came together after a somewhat shaky start. Way to show your Disney Sides, everyone!


Party pavilion mama and her daughter even posed with the princesses for me!

What a great party we had. Thanks again to Disney Parks and BSM Media for providing our wonderful @Home Celebration kit chock-full of free goodies to help us celebrate. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

See ya next time!